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November 18, 2013

Veteran's Day Stroll to Town

Veteran's Day here in the USA, 11/11, was really nice.  Not too cold, not too windy.  I love the light this time of year.  The post office was closed but everything else was open so I walked to town to do some errands. 


Last of the foliage.

This trail goes out to the Canal Service Road, but I felt a little uncomfortable and hinky about venturing too far down that path alone.  I went a little way down, but turned around and went back to the street instead.  

I never noticed the peace signs on these banners till recently! 

Love the deco style stone work.  That's not a painting.

My friend Jack teases me about how many pictures of the train bridge I take.  Now I take them just to harass him.  ;-)  In this one, you get two bridges for the price of one.

The back of St. Peter's.  This has a Winslow Homer quality about it.

I think this is a Japanese maple tree.

These red bushes that I post are called Burning Bushes.  They are breath taking.  They are popular and vivid in Washington State too.

Down the street from my house.
I'm glad I took this walk and shot these pictures because the following day was the polar opposite, emphasis on 'polar'.


  1. Love the red maple leaf! Of course, you'd know why... ;)

    It's polar up here too - yesterday we were hit with snow and ice. The first storm of the season! Love all your photos (and the one of TWO bridges is too funny!)

  2. A pleasant day in the neighborhood? Most of our leaves have already fallen, with only a few maples, sweet gum and oaks still holding on. After another windy storm, they'll be gone. It's nippy when we walk now. I do like the onset of fall, not so enthused about winter.

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    It feels like autumn has held on for a bit longer this year - but we're due an 'Arctic Blast' overnight, so I guess winter is about to land.....

  4. I love all the photos of your area's vivid, fall foliage - we don't have that pleasure down in South Florida. Our trees either stay green all year `round or the leaves turn brown and drop.

    Can't blame you for not going very far down that trail alone, you never know if there might be some wild animal or even a feral dog that could pose a hazard. Besides it is always more fun to take trail hikes with a friend.

  5. Beautiful pictures!!

  6. The colors are amazing. I just drove on a long road trip and the leaves were gorgeous to see. It made the drive fly by.

  7. Lovely. What a vibrant little world you live in.


  8. Wow JoJo! These photos are great. Almost, if not all of the leaves are off the trees least close to my building. We had this wind storm from hell the other day. Well, okay it wasn't all that power destruction...but it was pretty intense all the same.

  9. Anonymous11:05 AM

    So, so beautiful.. You can almost smell hunting season in the air.. :)

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You're really making your way around that new camera of yours in a truly beautiful way. My favourites are the Japanese maple against the sky, the burning bush and that fabulous silver moss on the branch.