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November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

Right after Halloween, I took down those decorations and put up the Thanksgiving ones (what few I have) because this time of year always starts to fly by at an alarming rate.  Time itself is going by too fast as it is! We're still not sure what we're doing for the day itself....there are a few options and we need to figure it out soon.  I'm sure at some point that weekend, we'll do our own turkey feast here at the house, if not on the actual holiday itself.  

I've had to buy fall/Thanksgiving themed decorations whenever I've seen them, cause they are hard to find. Everything is either Halloween or Christmas.

I think I did this beaded cross stitch the last year I was in Washington, so 2010. 

I took the 3 Halloween figurines out and added the turkeys and cornucopia ones.  

I love paper honeycomb decorations.  Very vintage.  My grandmother always sent these kinds of things to me when I was little.  I remember the pastel honeycomb Easter eggs.  Of course being a kid, I played with them until they were trashed at the end of the holidays.

I've had these waterglobes for quite a few years; pretty sure they came from the Fred Meyer in Bonney Lake. This was the first time I noticed that they are music boxes.  The one on the left plays Amazing Grace, the one in the center plays Santa Claus is Comin' to Town and I don't recognize the song that the right one plays.

As much as I love Canada, I don't think I'd ever be able to adjust to having Thanksgiving in October and no holiday at the end of November.  It's my fave holiday, more than Christmas. 


  1. Very festive. This year we're spending Thanksgiving away from home so I don't guess I'll be doing the dinner like I usually do. Unless I get roped into cooking at my daughter's house.

    Wrote By Rote


  2. I can't believe that I've been away from blogging for so long. I've been browsing through your posts and realize that I've missed so many beautiful photos and a lot of your wonderful, crafty projects. I really love the Lighthouse Lantern that you did in another post - the etching on it really makes it special. I would have never thought to do something like that. Very artistic and clever of you JoJo. :)

    You do have a nice collection of Thanksgiving decorations, usually the most I do is a display of ears of colored corn (Indian corn I think it's called) and maybe some tiny, little pumpkins or gourds.

  3. Hi JoJo,

    Incredible photos and your artistic talents are a wonder to behold. Of course, what say you celebrate both Canadian and American Thanksgiving :)

    Happy Sunday to you.


  4. I wrote such a long comment and disappeared!
    Well, I was saying that I admire your decorations, especially the glass pumpkin! I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so I look forward to winter holidays already :) Your decor pieces definitely bring loads of color to house interior :)

  5. Love the honeycomb decor too and your cross stitch is fab JoJo!

    See, I prefer an early Thanksgiving; it gives us a longer break between huge celebratory / family meals! ;)

  6. You have put me in the mood!! I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my house for my husband and kids. I can't wait for him to come home!! Hope you and Russell have a lovely Thanksgiving! ♥