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October 20, 2013

More Crafts & Stuff

I got this tin of mints at Highland Light.  It's really small, way smaller than an Altoids tin.

I wasn't sure what do make with it till I was sorting through some extra copies of pictures I had processed recently.  I selected this pic of the Bourne Bridge, taken from Mass Maritime Academy.  I lined the sides and 'ceiling' with the parts of the photo that surrounded the piece I used on the back.  Then I separately cut out part of the rip rap rocks and used double stick foam tape to make it 3D. I used sandpaper for the floor/bottom, then added a couple small beach stones and 2 tiny beach glass chips.  Finally, I used white cord around the top edge.  The cover of the tin still slides easily over it.  

Here's a sampling of all the glitter ball ornaments made for my shows; I did 12.  These are lots of fun to make but adding the rhinestones can get a little tedious.

I got this fake pumpkin and the rhinestone designs at Michael's Crafts, on sale.  This probably took all of 5 minutes but it looks good! 

I painted another fake one and covered it with Mod Podge then added the rhinestones till I ran out.  

I am currently still working on the white one...I'd hoped to have it done by now but I got sidetracked over the weekend because we were visiting with hubby's fam, son and some of my friends from high school.  I'm hoping to get it done today.


  1. Blown away by the tin! That is SO COOL! It makes me feel like a kid again, you know, finding a secret "world" inside such a tiny tin. You rock, Mizz Jo.

  2. Love those little boxes. And the pumpkin too.

  3. That little tin diorama is amazing! What a neat idea. Your pumpkins and glitter balls are gorgeous, too, of course. You truly are the queen of crafts!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  4. I like that tiny tin too! Miniatures take time and a deft hand. So does placing rhinestones.

  5. Anonymous12:06 PM

    You are an eternally busy bee :0)

  6. You are WAY too talented and clever for me! LOL! Love that little tin and those pumpkins are amazing!

  7. Love the tiny tin, such intricate work and such details! Your glitter ornaments are very pretty - I shy away for glitter crafts as I usually end up with more glitter on me than I do on my project. :D
    My favorite though is the bedazzled pumpkin . . . that is surly one very ritzy pumpkin - can't wait to see the white one when it is done.

    1. EMBRACE the glitter!!!!! It's everywhere here. You can see it sparkling no matter what room you are in.

  8. That tin and the pumpkin tins are cool but I am blown away by the ornaments! They are so pretty♥

  9. Love the pumpkins too JoJo! Great idea - they look awesome!