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October 18, 2013

Flashback Friday

My great grandfather Giovanni 'John' Marganella.  He died in about 1924, leaving his wife a widow at age 38 with 8 children to raise.  Family lore has it that he couldn't stand my grandmother (his daughter) Mary and they fought a lot.  Of all the Marganella siblings, my Uncle Dick looked the most like his father.


  1. Generations before us had it so much harder. This is a good reminder of that, and it's amazing that you have that old photo. I can't help but notice that his right eye and half-moustache are larger than the left. I wonder if something was done to half the photo to preserve it. (?)

    Have a good Friday, JoJo.

    1. I have no idea what he died mom told me that whenever she saw this photo when she was a child, she thought it had been taken after he'd died. I never even noticed the difference in his eye and mustache till you mentioned it. I wonder if he'd had a stroke?

    2. I'd be sure having a stroke, what with THAT many children. Holy moly!

      But how cool is it that you still have this old photo? Awesome!

  2. Wow, great that you have that old photo still... too bad to hear that he didn't get along with his own daughter though...

  3. It is cool that not only do you have this old photo but also know a story behind it.

  4. He died so young! So many people had such hard lives.