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September 16, 2013

The Rig

I still get the butterflies whenever I see my love driving his truck, with or without the trailer.  It blows my mind how at ease he is with that beast, especially when he's backing it up with the trailer.  I don't even like backing out of a parking space at the grocery store!!!

Here are a series of pics showing him backing up to hook up the trailer.  Can you see his arm out the window?  He's so nonchalant about it.

This pic gives you a better idea of the size of it.  The trailer alone is 53'!!!  So be nice to truckers on the road, because they cannot stop quickly or maneuver easily!  In the battle between a car and tractor trailer, the truck will win every time, and the driver of the passenger vehicle could easily lose their life.  


  1. I learned early in my driving life to allow those truck drivers some extra space for everything (braking, etc.) I don't like them coming up close behind me either. Don't want to be a sandwich. . .

    Good advice JoJo. Your sweetie is a professional, that's why he's nonchalant.

    My hubs drove a few large trucks early in his life when he worked up north. Then he became a train engineer and got to move those trains around (another big unforgiving chunk of metal).

  2. I can't back up to save my life and can't imagine how the truck drivers do it with those big trailers hooked up.

  3. How my hubby handles his company trucks is beyond me too... he drives three sizes; the largest he squeezes with an inch to spare in some loading docks! I give them all great respect!

  4. Oh my, I can barely back up my little Nissan. That is such an impressive skill. I can see why your heart beats faster in pride.

  5. I could never drive a truck. Like you, I can barely drive backwards. I learned long ago to respect truckers and motorcyclists.

  6. With so many roadtrips under our belt, I have great respect for the truckers out there. It's a solitary job, and one with great responsibility. We like to eat at truck stops (big portions so lots of left-overs ;-) and they're always so polite to us, invading their territory.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  7. It's a big rig alright ! My eldest daughter is a trucker, drives an 18 wheeler and has been doing it for a rather long time now. She's 49 now and I often wonder when she'll settle down. . .probably never. :D