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August 6, 2013

Oliver Mill Park

Every now and then a friend of mine will post pictures of her visits to Oliver Mill Park in Middleborough, and I'd been saying, 'I really need to get up there one of these days' and in July,  I finally went.  It's a very small park, yet so picturesque that I ended up shooting close to 80 photos.  Here's Part 1:

Click to biggify if you want to read it.

I've been told this is chickory.

The stream is a herring run, which is why it's stepped with little waterfalls.


  1. Awesome photo tour JoJo! There is so much rich history in your area; you are so lucky! I stare at those old stone walls and imagine someone hundreds of years ago hefting them into place and being proud of their work. Little did they know we would still be admiring it today. What a beautiful place!

  2. It is a beautiful park, thank you for all the wonderful photos of it.

    I can imagine it would be a great place to spend the day, have a nice picnic while listening to the sounds of the rushing stream and enjoying nature's beauty.

  3. What an amazing place! I especially love the shots of that stone bridge, the one reflecting on the water is my absolute favorite. You have such a gift with your photography. Always a treat to see your pics.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  4. You do live in a beautiful area :)
    Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Gosh, that looks like the dry stone-walling that's traditional in my part of England :0)

  6. Wonderful shots! your part of the world is so beautiful and I miss it!

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    and would you like to follow each other? :)

  8. Such gorgeous photos JoJo! I loved the previous butterfly post too :)

  9. Lovely place. I love all the water pictures. They are gorgeous!!


  10. It's amazing how much I've rediscovered since living here. I've been playing tourist A LOT the past few weeks.

  11. Nice collection of photos!! Your river shots with the waterfalls are very nice. What a lovely part to spend the day in.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. What a beautiful park, especially that sweet little river with all its herring waterfalls. Not to mention the crumbling old stone walls and such. Gorgeous!