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August 5, 2013

Luna Moths & More Butterflies!

The luna moths finally hatched at Butterflies of Cape Cod so I had to jet up there to check them out.  And on a sunny Saturday morning, that's no easy feat thanks to the scores of tourists flooding into the area.  They've also found our secret backroads thanks to GPS technology. 

These cecropia moths were much smaller a few weeks ago.  They are going to be pretty cool once hatched!

Lots of monarchs in the habitat.

Sugarbush Swallowtail.

These guys are pretty big and I always wanted to see one in real life.  Very leafy, and not quite as green as I thought they'd be.


I love hydrangea.


  1. That is one thing I miss about the northeast. All those gorgeous butterflies everywhere. We have butterflies, of course, but not so many different kinds. Those pictures are beautiful!!

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM


  3. I love butterflies :) And the quote (which I've used quite a few times on my canvases) 'If nothing ever changed we'd have no butterflies'
    Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

  4. Awesome photos JoJo! Some look right out of some science fiction movie - I have never seen that green one before and love the curves and lines on the wings. Thank you for letting us see their beauty up close without even needing our GPS! ;)

    (Sorry about that deleted comment above; that was me logged in on another account)

  5. Such striking colors. I especially like the Sugarbush.

    Have a great week, JoJo.


  6. Don't they just take your breath away!

  7. Oh my gosh how beautiful your photos are--oh and nature isn't so bad either.

  8. All the butterflies are beautiful but that pale green one is simply amazing. So delicate looking and elegant.

  9. Amazing photos!!! Love the macros with loads of detail.