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July 16, 2013

The Psychedelic Cupcake Factory Is At It Again

My stepdaughter & I got together one night to hang out and make cupcakes!  

Because we can't just use plain white batter anymore.

Oooooo trippy!

The one on the left looked like earth and the pink one on the right looked like a weird frog face to me.  See it?  The two eyes on top of the head, blue speck nose and smiling mouth at the bottom?

The bottom of the 'earth' cupcake looks like a ying yang!

Jack Skellington's face?

 So pretty!  So neon!

We decided the tops looked too cool to cover with icing, so we sliced them all in half instead.

She piped the icing on the flat part of the bottoms and then we mixed up the tops so that they don't match the bottoms.  Next, she rolled the edges in coloured sugar.  

Voila!  Cupcake whoopie pies!!!!


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Those are SO COOL!! And what a great idea to slice them in half! I am totally doing this!! :)

  2. JoJo - that is "Far Out Man" :)
    Truly psychedelic ! I love how you two decided to cut them in half and fill them instead of covering up all the creativity with frosting. The planet Earth cupcake was especially neat since the bottom was like the ying yang symbol. . .maybe that was like an omen saying the Earth must have balance?

    I really want to share this with my 11 year old granddaughter, she would love it. :)

  3. What fun!!! I love the colors and the things you saw in these yummy looking sweets! Finding things like faces and things is loads of fun!!! I do this with clouds, trees, and so much more! I matrix everything looking for!!!


  4. Colorful things make look everything beautiful and interesting!

    Nice that you switched on to make the colored ones! Looks really cool and irresistible :)

  5. Now that's a bit of color, JoJo. Those would have made great Grateful Dead cupcakes, wouldn't they?

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  7. Sorry. I keep making typos this morn.

    Those look deliciously fun. Do they glow in the dark? I'd love to have those cupcakes and eat them too.

    Cheers, JoJo.

  8. That is just wild and so cool!!!!! I never seen cupcakes like that before.


  9. I know a few of my friends have major issues with food dyes and are somewhat repulsed by the psychedelic food I make. But I think it's fun and the possibilities are endless. There are so many dyes and sprinkles and stuff that can be found in craft stores...I highly recommend thinking outside the box with baked goods.

  10. PS to Robyn, they don't glow in the dark but it's funny you say that. Russell texted me the next day to find out if I was glowing from the cupcakes. lol