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July 14, 2013

Butterflies of Cape Cod

As mentioned in a prior post, I made another visit to Butterflies of Cape Cod to drop off more jewelry and visit the habitat!  

The lunar moth caterpillars are huge now!  Should be fully formed moths in a couple of weeks.

No idea what this is but it sure is pretty!

More monarchs are hatching.

Don't know what this is but it's pretty! I love the blue butterflies best.

The sugarbush swallowtail photobombed me.

This is a very unusual flower.  Never seen one before.

I love these flowers

Pink, orange & yellow is one of my fave combos.

I followed the sugarbush around for quite awhile because I really wanted a pic of it's open wings.  It was so cute just fluttering around but then finally landed.

This one is cool too!

When I left, this big and unusual dragonfly landed on the wooden bench.  I've never seen one like it before. I looked it up and it's some kind of Broad Bellied Chaser, but all the pics I googled didn't show striped wings like this one has.

Stoked for the lunar moths! Stay tuned!


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! I just love butterflies and beautiful and magical.

    That lovely stalk with the pretty pink flowers looks like spring bonnets on a hat rack :} I have no idea what it's name is either.

  2. That pink flower almost looks like a variety of Hollyhock. I've not seen one with such frilly interior petals, either.

    I love the markings on some of the butterflies, so much color.

  3. Gosh, I thought that was two dragonflies mating!

  4. WOW JoJo, you have captured some lovely pictures!! How cool to get so many butterflies.


  5. This is a peculiar collection of butterflies there. Though I am not fond of any insects, I like butterflies.. or better their beautiful wings :)

  6. Anonymous4:06 AM

    It's time you produced your own calender I think :0)

  7. Lovely, lovely montage of wonderful photos. The strange pink flowers remind me too of hollyhocks but have never seen them with such ornate and unusual blossoms - must be a hybrid. The caterpillar in the second photo looks like something one should be careful not to touch. :)
    JoJo - I am also fond of lantana, each flower cluster is like a miniature bouquet with all its many different colors.

    Thank you for bringing so much beauty and sunshine into my day. :)

  8. Wow! How beautiful these are. JoJo, you take the coolest photos.

  9. Thanks everyone. I'm very lucky to have this so close to my house. I bought their season pass and it was only $10. Well worth it. I can go whenever I want. regular admission is only $4 so it pays for itself really fast! Lunar moths are almost ready to hatch! CAN'T WAIT!