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July 24, 2013

PTown, Part 3

Us being goofy.  

No it's not real.  There have been a lot of great whites hanging around Cape Cod lately.  A couple of people received minor bite injuries last summer, and there was some dramatic video of a guy on a paddleboard being followed by a shark....he was oblivious, just standing there paddling, with this shark fin right behind him. 

Another shot of Shop Therapy.

I would have paid $50 for this but not $89.  I wanted it so wicked bad!  But if I had bought it, I never would have worn it cause really, it's WAY too big, but I just wanted it to look at and use as a decoration....because I don't already have enough knick knacks and tchotchkes.  

Russell has told me stories about when he used to deliver Coca Cola up here, in the really large trucks, how hard it was to navigate the narrow streets and having to bring handcarts loaded with heavy product down steep, wooden stairs to dark, dank, creepy cellars beneath all the restaurants. When I told him we ate at Post Office Cafe, he said that the bartender was always so happy to see him and would flamboyantly announce to everyone to make room for the cute Coke delivery driver.  There were a couple of other times he was flashed & checked out by guys, all of which he took with great humour.  I cannot imagine driving a huge truck around though....I'm even a little afraid to navigate in my compact car. 

Really want to do a whale watch too.

 So many stores I have yet to explore.  Guess I need to go back.....big fat bummer!

If we weren't so full, we would have gotten a gay cupcake.

Yarn bomb!  I've always wanted to see one of these!

This sculpture is called 'The Tourists'.

Wow they had me till 'bugs'.  lol

A great trip....cannot wait to go back and soon!


  1. These fantastic photos make me feel as if I have visited there, too...thank you!

    Love that "bling" photo, but $89.00 is quite the amount to spend even for something so pretty to look at :}

  2. What an amazingly eclectic town. The narrow streets remind me of St. Augustine, Florida both have roots in a history that dates before the actual founding of the USA. I can see that PT would be a delightful place to visit and having a friend or someone special with you would make the experience doubly delightful.

    That bejeweled Peacock brooch is incredible, but yes it would be a bit "much" to wear - I could definitely imagine it mounted in a shadow box frame and hung like art, maybe the next time you're there it will be on sale? :)

  3. This town is just a gem of a spot! I can't imagine trying to navigate it with a truck though. Poor Russell. That tourist statue was great!

  4. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I saw a whale off Vancouver Island once. Sadly, it looked like a large slab of something grey in the ocean, BUT I was stoked anyway :0)

  5. I liked the photo tour of Provincetown,since I've never seen it for myself.

  6. No bugs for me, thanks. Great pictures. A bit freaked out about the sharks I'll stick to the stores. And the bars ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good

  7. Another virtual, visual experience I just had. You take marvellous photos.

    I think I shall go eat a fairy cake :)

  8. I love the picture of you and Russell. Plain awesomeness!


  9. Lord have mercy, I'd hate driving down those streets.
    The peacock brooch was magnificent and I don't usually like large jewelry or animal jewelry.
    I've always wanted to see something yarn bombed too. Actually, I'd like to yarn bomb something.

  10. I hope one day that brooch goes on sale so you can get it to display - yep, it is fab!

    And sharks? Yeah, I won't go near the beach since Mr Spielberg introduced me to Mr Jaws back in the 70s.