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July 22, 2013

PTown, Part 2

Going for a walk on this little beach was a bad idea.  It was just too damn hot.  It was like some kind of Saharan death march, till we could find street access again.  There are lots and lots of beaches in PTown and I'll head back when it's cooler to check out the other parts of town.

MacMillan Wharf.  Next time I visit, I'll take a walk down there.

The detail work is so cool.

That's the front of Masonic Lodge and also a gift shop.

So very San Franciscan!

OK, this is my new fave store, Marine Specialties.  I saw lots and lots and LOTS of things I wanted in PTown but the prices were pretty high.  Not in this place.  I left with a giant sack of crap for $38.  It's basically an army-navy surplus store.  I got six little glass bottles for glass painting, 2 cobalt and 1 cranberry glass votive candle cups, a New Brunswick license plate for my collection, a bottle shaped like a fish, some postcards and magnets, and the coup de grace, a set of glass floats exactly like the ones hanging off the bottom of that barrel.  

Just one more thing I desperately wanted to buy....but didn't.

Love their tshirts.  The top one cracked me up.


This is what the outside of Shop Therapy looks like.  Groovy eh?  This used to be in a different building, with different murals on it, the last time I was here, which was in 1991.

The second floor window displays mannequins in bondage and fetish/leather.  All the X rated items are sold upstairs.  *wink*

Another mural


  1. What a cool place!! Loved visiting with you through your photos and commentary.


  2. I can't wait to go back, but next time when it's cool out.

  3. Gosh!!! I love the photos that you show...fantastic!!! I really love architecture~~~


  4. That place definitely looks look too much fun! You win, you were the first to finally get some glass floats. I still want some too!

  5. Lovely place Jo Jo and what fun you'll hav with the glas bottles. I'm sure you could make the one with the star around it.

  6. I've been enjoying my virtual vacation to PTown through your pics and descriptions! I've never been there and will put it on my "To Go To" list for sure! If and when I do go I'm buying that Peanut statue to put right at my front door! It is a nut house around here sometimes :)

  7. I've already painted my glass bottles and need more!

  8. Anonymous2:03 PM


  9. Going on these virtual tours is a visual delight. And your accompanying words, superb.

    Gary :)

  10. Oh, I visited PTown in 1987! It was wonderful. I love that whole area -- could so live in Beantown! Hey, if you get a chance, and want to, you should enable an email address in your Blogger profile. That way, I could reply to your comments when you visit my blog!

  11. What a very cool place and looks like there is so much to see and to do! Love all of your photos, made me feel like I was there. OK...don't know where I would put it, but I love the "LOVE" mirrored art piece with the peace sign! {PS...I am very partial to New Brunswick}

  12. The Marine Specialities store sounds like my kind of place, with reasonable prices and not the overly inflated prices that the local tourist traps charge.

    Love, love, love the glass floats, what a fantastic find.

  13. Love all the old architecture! Although the huge murals are cool, I certainly wouldn't want my window facing it every day - yikes!