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July 10, 2013

Fairies in a Jar: Fail

I've been wanting to try the Fairies in a Jar project for awhile.  The following 2 pictures are what are featured online.  So sparkly right?  The instructions are so easy!  Just get a glowstick, crack to activate, then cut the end off and splatter inside a jar and add 'diamond' glitter.  The only info I could glean on diamond glitter is that it's the white & iridescent kind, of which I have plenty.  I also had some glowsticks left over from the 'toilet paper roll eyes' project last Halloween.

I cracked the blue light stick and shook it out and around this jar, then sprinkled in the glitter.  While it did stick to the jar and was sparkly, it was only so due to the external light source in the kitchen.

In the kitchen with only one light on over the stove and no flash.  Blue is real pretty, glitter picking up the stove light.

Looking at the bottom, taken outside at dusk.

Dusk shot too.

 After dark, no flash.  Real pretty blue, but the glitter isn't twinkling.

With flashlight pointing straight down into jar.

Just flash.

With a candle inside which had a cool effect but you couldn't see the blue anymore.

Looking inside with candle light.  That's as close to twinkling fairies as it gets.

I'd say it only twinkles with a light source that's outside the jar.  It was pretty seeing the blue jar, but the glitter definitely doesn't sparkle like the internet photos show.  The twinkles are obviously photoshopped in the first picture and upon review of the second picture, it looks like the glow in the dark paint was dabbed on in dots; it's possible there is glow in the dark paint that has glitter in it.  

The ironic thing was that as I was outside taking the pics, there were lots of real fireflies in my yard.  I'd say just use the jars to catch and release actual fireflies, rather than make a mess with this project!!!


  1. I love the candle inside that jar..looks really pretty... Full marks for effort and the pics ...

  2. It's unfair to photoshop something that other people might want to make.It still looks pretty to me.

  3. I wonder if it DID work, how long does it last? I remember talking to my sister about this project. I wonder if she tried it. I'll have to ask.

    You asked me about a photo on my blog. It was about a store in Ottawa, ILLINOIS.

  4. Sounds like you could make a whole blog about projects that aren't what they are professed to be. Sort of like "The Mythbuster" of internet hyped arts and crafts projects. :)

    The real "Mythbusters" would be very proud of you, JoJo. :)

  5. I haven't ever seen this project on Pinterest (although I don't spend a lot of time over there anymore). I have never used glow sticks, but I adore glitter. :) That would have some appeal I would think.

    My daughter and son-in-law recently made a cute lantern with some LED lights in it that blink like fireflies. I ordered a lantern last night so they can make one for me. I can hardly wait! We haven't seen many fireflies here this year. Some years they are thick, others almost non-existent.

    Nice post with lots of photos. I am not very good at the pictures...

  6. Hmmm... I had never heard of this project before... Yes, the first image is obviously photoshopped.

    I agree, you could do a whole blog on busting these "myths" of projects and products!

  7. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Ooooh pretties :0)

  8. I think your turned out cool. I really like the idea of using it as a candle holder.
    Everyday Inspired

  9. I'm thinking I would like to try it.

  10. Still, it is good you tried to make it, Jojo. And it looks sparkly anyway. The first picture is definitely edited and I don't understand why, because it means they lied to those who will attempt making the same project.
    I liked the blue sparkles of your jar :) And I guess that using this jar as candle holder is not at all a bad idea.

  11. I hate when they mislead with photoshop...but what you did sure was pretty, even if it didn't glow as much as you wanted. I think it will still make a wonderful candle holder or just decoration.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  12. Thanks all! Unfortunately I had to scrap the jar. The glowstick stuff has a chemical odor and the glitter was swimming in it. But that's not to say glitter couldn't be applied to the inside or outside with a different medium, and used with a candle.

  13. My daughter and I did this a couple weeks ago. Ours didn't turn out like I wanted either. Some posts/You tube videos mention glow-in-the-dark paint inside the jars as well.

  14. This turned out pretty, but it didn't work quite the way they advertised which is a bit disappointing. Still cool looking if messy to make.


  15. Aha and Fairies in a Jar
    You would be right
    Go see the natural light
    Of fireflies in flight :)

  16. Bummer! Glad I hadn't tried this one yet. Been thinking about it too.