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February 14, 2013

Pin Win: Glass Painted Paisleys

I fell in love with this idea I saw on Pinterest, which I think was a link to someone's internet shop, owned by an artist who makes them. There was no tutorial or anything, but I figured I could come kinda close with my basic glass painting kit.  This paint is clearly superior to the stuff I own, which is not very clear when it dries because you have to keep applying a thick layer or it doesn't come out even with a light coat.
I had to draw the paisley designs on with a magic marker (NOT a sharpie!!! Do not use a sharpie for this.  The marker must be easily wiped off or absorbed by the paint resist).  Then used the resist to follow the marker lines.  It made my life much easier to have that marker guide; I never could have free handed this with just the resist.

I'm really pleased with the results!  Epic Win!


  1. It looks pretty! great job

  2. Wish you lived nearer me I would love to learn how to do all that stuff.

  3. Another beautiful project!! Love it!

  4. I like that! It turned out really pretty. That definitely was a keeper.


  5. hi, Jojo! In spite of extreme weather
    conditions you still manage to craft! I applaud :)
    This paisley candle holder turned out great, loving the colors :)
    Have a happy day!

  6. it's so pretty! I went to the pin but it's linked to a Google search...

  7. Looks gorgeous.
    Now that you have the right kind of glass paint, you can give those polka dotted glasses another try. :)

  8. This is so cute! Hm I need to get into some crafty stuff again soon..
    Happy minioning :)