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February 11, 2013

Pin Win: Button Ball

I thought this was a cute project for buttons on a styrafoam ball.  

Of course my version just had to be psychedelic and splashed with every colour of the rainbow.

Tie dye ribbon even!


  1. So cute!!!! Can you imagine a Christmas tree decorated with nothing but twinkle lights and button balls?

    I hope your hydro is back on, by the way. Been feeling sorry for you down there in the cold and dark.

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    You're endlessly inventive!

  3. You have so much patience! I never finish anything.

  4. I love these!!! So pretty!


  5. It's been really sucky without power, heat and hot water since Friday night when the blizzard hit. That's why I haven't hit anyone's blogs. I am staying with a friend who has power tonite (Monday). It's been miserable sitting in that cold house.

  6. hi, Jojo!
    First, have you had some minor power and water cut??is it because of the storm? I'm really sorry you have to deal with it,hope things will get better soon.
    Still you managed to do some crafting! It's rewarding. that ball of colorful buttons turned out great! will look very nice as a room decor :)
    take care!

  7. What a wonderful idea. I love them, they are pretty and bright and very cheerful looking . . . also a novel way of using up some on one's button stash. :)

    Hope things are getting back to normal for you. As they say; "Mother Nature can be a witch" (Well maybe that's not exactly what they say.)

  8. I'd noticed you weren't around but didn't put 2 and 2 together and realise it was down to the storm. I hope you're OK? Is your mister out on the road in it?

    Love the button ball, I've pinned a couple of these too!

  9. I love all the colors! What fun that would be to have hanging in a window.
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