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January 12, 2013

Never. Again.

Continuing my neverending quest to actually do the craft projects I've pinned on Pinterest, I wanted to try what looked like a really sinchy project.  Break up some CDs and stick 'em on a frame.  This is the original pin pic, from which I worked.

As I've mentioned previously, I will no longer be shooting my projects being created.  But I started with a plain wood frame, and painted it black.  My black paint, for some reason, had the consistency of tar.  I was so eager to forge ahead that I tried to make due with it as it was.  Surprisingly, it did not occur to me to dilute it a little bit with water.  Probably because I was too eager to forge ahead and got tunnel vision.  When the paint dried, it looked horrible.  I attempted to sand down the uneven clumps, with poor results.  I then gave it a new coat with the diluted black paint, but it didn't do much to hide the imperfections.  I figured that was OK, it's going to be covered with CD bits so I'll just make sure only the decent black parts show.  I sealed the paint with some mod podge.

Now it was time to break the CDs.  I first used a couple blank Memorex writable discs.  This was the next disaster.  The CDs are very hard to break, very sharp once broken, and the silver starts to flake off in chunks.  WTF?!?!?!  Then I dug through some unknown movie discs that the hubby had, unopened promotional copies that didn't look the least bit interesting anyway (i.e., 'chick flicks').   Those wouldn't snap at all unless I bent them back and forth a half dozen times.  Then the discs separated, leaving me with one that was tinted dark, but clear, and then the not-so-good looking silver piece.  By this time I'm ready to scream, but I moved forward, gluing pieces on the frame, getting glue fingerprints all over the silver pieces and muttering a constant stream of obscenities under my breath.

This is the end result.  It Looks. Like. Shit.  You can still see the black paint glops, you can totally tell the difference between the flaky Memorex CDs and the dull silver of the movie DVDs.  I just don't care.  My friend and fellow Vincent Vixen, Ducky, said she loved it. I asked her if she wanted it and she said yes so it now resides at her house in Minnesota.  Russell pointed out how you can see the reflection of my red plaid flannel jammies in some of the bits, esp. the bottom left corner.  Nice.  

I wouldn't call it an epic fail, but I also didn't have fun working on it either, so from that standpoint it's a fail.  Another one of a kind, never to be made again.


  1. We've all had those "learning from our mistakes" experiences. I think I must have a list a mile long of my own; "I'll never do that again". :D
    Ah well, we all live and learn. :)

    JoJo thanks for your comment on my blog regarding etsy. I did take note that a number of crafters recommended a site that they thought had potential:
    You may want to check it out.

  2. There are even some blogs out there featuring pinterest fails, lol. If I ever come across them again I will forward them too you, they are extremely funny. This one is definitely just a fail because you didn't enjoy doing it because I think it looks really cool! :)

  3. OK so it doesn't look like the picture, but it does look pretty good. I'm glad your friend liked it anyway! I've made a mental note never to attempt this project!

  4. Seriously I don't think it looks too bad - it's kind of edgy

  5. I quite like the multi-coloured effect.

  6. I think it turned out pretty good considering the hell you went through to make it.


  7. Too bad about the gloopy black paint and you not enjoying the project. :-( I wonder if you got in touch with the person whose project idea/instructions you worked off of, could give you any tips on how she managed the breaking of the CDs...

  8. Holy crap I would have sliced a finger off if I tried this... broken CDs / DVDs are ridiculously sharp!!!

    This looks kinda cool, with all the reflective colours. Have to laugh at the PJ comment. Ah hubbies always seem to come up with just what we DON'T want to hear, eh?

  9. Hey, it's unique! I think the person who made the one on Pinterest had tried it several times before they got it the way they wanted it also! And really there are no failures. Your friend got a gift she liked and you got an entertaining post!
    Sandy :)

  10. Thanks everyone! :)

  11. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Obviously whoever made the top one has some kind of CD cutting device; I know from experience they're a complete bastard to try and break up!

  12. hi, Jojo! It is always good to try :) IT doesn't look bad, it looks fancy and shiny. I think you should have used some cutter for the same, and why not to try again?:)
    Warm hugs,

  13. I would simply say it looks different than the one you were using as a guideline and that's all it was, a guideline. Your art is YOUR art. It's original and unique. If you want clean lines like the first picture, well, then, I guess the person could have been kind enough to include a tip on how it's done. But, what do I know about Pintrest?

  14. Just because you didn't have fun making it, is reason enough not to ever do it again. That being said I think it looks pretty good.
    Everyday Inspired