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January 4, 2013

Crafting Through the End of the Year

Just because it was the holiday season doesn't mean I scaled back my crafting and stuff.  I did take a quick break to bake cranberry bread, but I did this colouring book page over Dec. 23rd & 24th.  I tried to do a winter/holiday theme with the colours.  I used gel pens and adhesive blue and silver crystals.

This project was very quick.  Just cut up a bunch of fabric into 1" to 1.5" squares and mod podge them to the large end of a blown up balloon.  After they are all stuck in a bowl shape, paint a layer of mod podge on top of the fabric squares too.  Hang to dry.  Once it's all dry, let the air out of the balloon very carefully, gently assisting the glued bowl away from the balloon.  Trim the top and you have a little fabric bowl or basket.  It was a little flimsy at first but after a few days, had hardened nicely.

Been wanting to try a few button crafts so.....

First up had to be a button bouquet.  These are so easy and like potato chips:  you can't make just one or two.  I could have kept going but I ran out of copper and orange coloured thick wire.  After I made a bunch,  I wrapped the wire stems with green florists tape.

So pretty!!!

The next day,  I found some thicker silver wire in one of my tool drawers and made about 6 more and then put them in this patterned jar, which I filled with crystal marbles in pale green, clear and cobalt blue.

Here's Sagan on Christmas Day.  It was a very lazy afternoon for all 4 of us.  We visited our families in Sandwich in the morning, but were home by about 1:30 to make our own turkey dinner.  It was also a very cold, rainy day, which of course I love.  Last year we had a dusting of snow.  As long as it's cloudy/rainy on the holidays, I'm a happy camper.  It just makes things more cozy.  We ended up watching a bunch of the old 'Wilderness Family' movies that were made in the mid and late 1970s, including 'Across the Great Divide' which starred two of the main actors from the Wilderness Family series.  So it was basically a Robert Logan-Heather Rattray holiday. lol

Beansauce was hiding near the recliner.

This was another button/embroidery idea I saw on Pinterest.  Since I had all the buttons dumped out, I decided to give this a try.  Not terribly happy with my gold stitching and I may rip it out and try again, but that floss is very hard to work with.  I'm also on the fence as to whether I want to add to it or not.  This project is intended to remain in the hoop.  I need to do a backing for it first.  

I started a bunch of other projects prior to the 31st and those will be featured later.


  1. I LOVE the button bouquet! So colorful! And I hate you because you're so talented. No, of course I don't hate you, but I do envy you!

  2. I like the button bouguet. You're very creative, JoJo. (but you already knew that. . .)

    I always have to look and see what you've done. Keep up the great photos, too!

  3. Great idea for the fabric bowl! And I love the button bouquet too, so pretty!

  4. I simply love the button bouquet!! It is so cool.


  5. You have a great selection of buttons. Have you ever tried making earrings with them?

  6. Neat crafts JoJo, you are so creative! Love the photos of your babies too. Can't wait to have you participate with me on Flashback Friday. I look forward to your photos!

  7. Anonymous4:18 AM

    You're endlessly inventive, as always :0)

  8. The button flowers are cute - very perky and colorful.
    I agree with you about the metallic gold thread, it is a bear to embroider with and tends to have a mind of its own, kinking and knotting. I think I may still have a spool of it somewhere. . . if I haven't already thrown it away.

  9. First of all, I can't believe you were still so busy doing crafty stuff over the holidays! Ermagherd! You are SUCH a busy-bee!
    Second, LOVE the button bouquets. I've seen a lot of them used instead of flowers in bridal bouquets and they're very, very cute.
    The doggies look pretty happy and as long as there's turkey and a guy you love and happy doggies, you don't need anything else. Well, except that beautiful silver and blue colouring page.
    You know what i made over the holidays? Lemme think... A MESS! That's all I got.

  10. Love your button bouquet! Very fun and colorful. Your fabric bowl is cute and very creative. Enjoy creating!
    Everyday Inspired