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December 7, 2012


Yet another Pinterest craft, glittered shells.  I used the ones that Barit brought back for me from Sanibel Island in January.  I painted Mod Podge onto the shells and just shook the colours on.  They are a lot of fun to make and I did a whole bunch.

While they were drying, I noticed how pretty the mixed colours looked on the plate I was using to catch the stray bits.

So I had to start messing around with the focus and light.

Using flash sometimes.

These are all the ones I did that day.  The bottom 3 used the glitter that had fallen into the plate. After the glue dried I took them outside on 2 paper plates and sprayed clear sealant over them, then after 10 minutes or so, moved the individual shells to the porch rail to finish drying.

Ooooooo shiiiiiinyyyyyy!  

This is yet another Pinterest craft, putting glitter on Christmas light bulbs.  I unearthed some large sized ones in storage, purchased some larger sized glitter and went to town.  They look very pretty in this bowl.


  1. Great glitter! I love the bulbs... what a wonderful way to use burnt out ones!

  2. As far as I know these still worked, but I pillaged the strand anyway. lol

  3. Those photos of the glitter looking like out-of-focus lights are so pretty.

  4. Glitter!!! What a fun crafty post :D

    How have you been? just letting you know i've changed my name from inspire nordic to the little nordic cabin and am tryyyying to post more regularly from now on!

  5. I love the glitter!! It is so pretty!! Just love the photos too.


  6. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Beautiful :0)

  7. Nothing better than glitter JoJo!

  8. You've won an award! Come see!

  9. These are beautiful, JoJo! I always liked glitter. When I taught Sunday School for many years, my secondgrade class loved to use glitter on their lesson papers. Only touble was, I was also janitor of my church, and therefore had to clean up all the glitter!

  10. These are just adorable, JoJo. If I went anywhere near that much glitter I'd be afraid I'd sneeze or my dogs would bump into the tray! Great job!

  11. Bet those shells would make for great Christmas tree ornaments!
    Some Dark Romantic