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November 13, 2012

Crafty Crafterson Is At It Again

I made this distressed beach-themed frame for my pal Marsha.  The undercoat is light blue.  I should've taken a picture of it with the photo I inserted.....

but it was this one.

Then I made one for Liz.  The undercoat of this one is dark green.  This frame project kept me busy during Hurricane Sandy.  I sure hope she doesn't read this before it arrives in the mail, which hopefully is today!  lol

I found this amazing crystal candlestick at a yardsale for $1.  What's a girl to do but ADD GLITTER!!!!!

I came across a really easy project on one of my Pinboards, on how to make crackled marbles.  So I dipped into my stash of modern/machine made marbles and baked some at 350* for 10 minutes.

Then immersed them in ice water.  They cracked but not dramatically, so I dried them off and popped them back into the over for another 10 or 15 minutes, then back into the ice water.  By the way, if you try this be really careful because the marbles could shatter when they hit the water.
 As you can see, they did crack.....

But not as dramatically as these crackle marbles that are part of my stash.  I think maybe they need to stay in the oven longer than 20 minutes.  

I prepped this one like 2 weeks before Halloween.  You cut funny eye shapes into used paper towel rolls, then use glow sticks inside them and put them in a bush.

I do like they way they look, but unfortunately, there's a street lamp almost across the street from my house that bathes my front yard in orange light, so the lit eyes aren't terribly effective.  I'm sure they'd look OK in my back yard where it's very dark.

Right after I went in the house after leaving them in the bush, we had a very brief but violent thunderstorm, brought on by Hurricane Sandy the day before, which moved through with torrential rain and a microburst of 90 mph wind that hit neighbouring Wareham.  HERE is the news story about it.  Needless to say the glowsticks were knocked out of the bush and the cardboard rolls disintegrated in the rain.

"52 Reasons Why I Love You".  Believe me I can come up with way more, but this project calls for a deck of cards so 52 it is.  Not sure when I'll give it to him; maybe Christmas, maybe in a lunch bag when he leaves.  I sanded each of the cards to make them look a little more used and tried to shuffle them a bunch too.  It took about 3 hours to prep the deck, type and cut out all the reasons.  Then I mod podged them to the suit-side of the deck.  Some of the projects showed the reasons on the back side of the cards but I opted for suit side.

Russell's niece suggested I make something with beach glass, so I did this using the craft 'beach' glass and some that I bought at a yard sale.  I would NEVER use my own stash, even if I were to keep the project for myself.  This took about 4 days to complete and to be honest, was a royal pain in the ass.  Marsha asked if she could buy it and I was more than happy to let it go.  I've told my friends if I ever get the hankering to do this again, to please smack me upside the head.

And a sample of more glitter ornaments that I made to sell at the craft show.


  1. You are so talented it's ridiculous!!!!
    Wowsers to everything. That card idea is brilliant.

  2. My you have been crafty. :) The beach themed frames are wonderful and I can imagine that the photo with the sandy shore and grasses lookes marvelous in its frame.

    Cute idea with the "creepy" Halloween eyes, too bad the weather was uncooperative. :(

    Your glitter ornaments should be a rousing success. They are sparklely, pretty and uniquely handmade.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I'd like to commission you to make.....everything :0)

  4. How did your craft fair go?

  5. Thanks everyone! :)

    Val, stay tuned for the blog post about it! :) But it went very well!

  6. you are rather prolific with the making things gig - those are the sort of Christmas deccis I really need.

  7. I've said before how creative you arte ,wonderful.I have passed on the Addictive Blogger award to you, I'll be posting it on my blog later today. Please don't feel you have to accept. You have to say in your post why you blog and pass it on to five others.

  8. You know I'm all about the beach and that frame you made was absolutely a perfect fit! You are so very talented. I wish I had an ounce of that talent!

  9. You are so talented and inventive with your crafting. You never cease to amaze me of the different projects you take on.


  10. Thanks you guys. :) And I'll say it again, I believe everyone has creativity in them, you just have to find what it is you like to do.

  11. Oh course I love the peace sign one, LOL.