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October 11, 2012

Two Pinterest Craft Fails In a Row

I saw these roses on Pinterest (I've actually seen them on the internet) and the instructions said how easy it is to get a white rose, split the stem into 6 strands and immerse in coloured water.  I kept it in the back of my mind and every time I went to Stop & Shop, I'd check the floral department to see if they had any single white roses.  They didn't for months, till mid-September, when I finally bought one.  I couldn't wait to get home and get started. 

I googled the instructions and was dismayed to find that people were trying it with many levels of failure.   Undeterred, I pressed on.

First, I cut the cups down and mixed the colours.  I noticed right away that this was going to be a huge problem, stem-wise.  Look how far apart the cups are?  After I shot this, I tried putting them into a circle but that didn't look like it would help either.

Next I had to cut the rose stem because it was so long.  I also had to de-leaf it.  Unfortunately the thicker part of the stem is the part that got cut.  I very carefully used my Xacto knife to cut the stem in half and then tried to cut the halves into 6 strands, first with the Xacto knife, and then with my tiny scissors.

That did not work either.  The tinier the strands, the more likely they'd snap or tear off.  There was no way I was gonna get 6 strands out of the stem.  Four, maybe with careful cutting, but no way would I get 6.  Not only that, but 6 tiny strands weren't going to hold up the rose either, once I got them into the cups of water which were far apart.  

So I Plan B'd it.  Dumped out the red, orange and yellow cups, and remixed pink, to use with the green, blue and purple.

OK people I don't have all day to stand here and hold this damn thing upright.....

So I pressed my paper towels into service and left it there on the side of the stove.  Hopefully I won't knock it over or forget and grab the towels...

Here is the rose about 6 or so hours after immersion in the dye water.

And here it is 24 hours later.

Fail.  MAJOR fail.  Doesn't look a damn thing like the first photo posted AT ALL.  I think the only way to truly achieve that full petal rainbow look is to buy a white silk rose and individually paint each petal.

And nearly 48 hours later.  I spread the petal apart to try and find any colour at all.  Some of the green got into the inside, but very little sign of the pink and purple.

That was the extent of the blue.  Needless to say, to post the photo of the vivid rainbow roses with the instructions on using food colour is just a tad disingenuous.  

Anywho, moving on.  I also decided to also try this 'simple' painted leaf print. 

I found a good looking and large leaf, grabbed my paints and a couple piece of card stock and made my first attempt.

Painted the leaf and pressed it onto my cardstock.

Um....just a tad gloppy.  Note to self:  Use less paint.

So I washed off the leaf and tried again, using more of a skim coat of paint, which unfortunately began to dry very quickly.

Not enough paint.  I'm feeling a bit like Goldilocks now....too much, too little....have to find 'just right'.

So I repainted the leaf and tried again.  FAIL.

I could probably master the leaf painting technique with more practice (and more leaves).  I probably shouldn't rule this out as a failure just yet.


  1. I can't even keep roses alive in ordinary water, so it doesn't surprise me this doesn't work. I wonder if people cheat and photoshop the pictures?

  2. Man, you're a patient woman. I don't do random crafts for this precise reason. I do make jewelry. It's fun and to me easy (except the wrapping part, still working on getting my wire loops perfect) and I get to be as creative as I want. People seem to enjoy what I make, I see them wearing the pieces. The flowers in the first shot sure were gorgeous - if you still have patience, I'd go the "take apart a silk flower" method. I've never been on pinterest (don't faint) but is there a place to report bad ideas like this one?
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. I've always wanted to try the rose thing but I never had the time (or patience) to do so. :)

  4. I give you credit for trying it in the first place. I saw the pic on pinterest too and thought it was gorgeous but was way too skeptical to even think of trying.

  5. They ARE beautiful, but no craftsy thing is "easy" for me. I didn't get the craftsy gene - - totally passed me by :)

  6. You are very patient. I would never have done something like that. It would drive me nuts. LOL

    Anyways, I would rather do abstract acrylic painting. I think I will buy an acrylic paint kit soon. Teehee.

  7. Some things, I guess, are just better left to fantasize over rather than attempt. :(
    The roses did look so pretty in that inspirational picture - makes one wonder if it wasn't photoshopped? :D

  8. My daughter actually did this with carnations for a science fair project. Some of the colors worked faster and better than others. She left the flowers in the colors for about a month to get any real color. You do the coolest things!


  9. When I saw those flowers on Pinterest I thought they were photoshopped. I don't think the flower looked that bad, I like it with just a hit of color. Leaf printing is fun. You should try it with ink instead of paint, it wont dry as fast and it will make a nice print.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. Yeah, I'm with the others... looks too perfect (ie photoshopped). The leaf craft looks interesting... perhaps ink would be better; plus some kind of press to get a really detailed print? Good for you even trying these!

  11. Lol, I love seeing when people try some of those "great ideas" from Pinterest. There are a couple blogs dedicated to pinterest fails that are hysterically funny.

  12. I think the photo of the roses was either photoshopped or done by a proffesional who knows the tricks of the trade.