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October 9, 2012

More Pretty Fall Shots

Little Hoxie Pond, East Sandwich.  

Little Hoxie Pond.

Also in E. Sandwich.  As of the date of this photo, which was 10/3, it was the only tree with full on brilliant colour, which especially stood out on an otherwise grey day.  I was driving when I saw this fiery maple, and I may have slowed the car down somewhat abruptly in order to turn around at the next driveway I saw in order to go back and take photos.

I don't think I've seen a tree this bright in years.

Never seen anything like these before!

On the way through town I detoured to take some pics of this old building that burned the weekend of 10/1. It has been an eyesore for years, since before I moved in 1989, so you can only imagine what it looked like to me 22 years later.  I meant to stop over the summer and shoot it but never did.  

Apparently the state of this building has been a bone of contention between the owners and the town government. The plan was to tear this down and rebuild a multi-use condo/office building.  The project stalled out.  And suddenly it "accidentally" burns down on a very, very rainy night.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows it was burned down on purpose.  Upon hearing the news and seeing the pics the next day, I believe my words were, "How convenient."

Back in BBay, I took a drive down Main Street to see if anyone had decorated.  Sadly, I found only a couple of fall-themed items.  I'm hoping that more appear in town as the month goes on.

I got lucky with this.

And another dewy web!


  1. Love that bright orange tree (almost looks like maple leaves in shape). The fall decs you did find are very well done. I liked the hay chair.

    Thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I'm loving the straw bale chair :0)
    Beautiful pictures, as always.

  3. Is there anything more restful than trees reflected in water?

  4. Love the gorgeous autumn trees, so gorgeous!! I would be doing a little urban exploring in that old building - I love getting into old abandoned places, it's a rush! Love your web photos too - beauties! :)

  5. I love the reflexions of the trees in the water and the colours of that firery tree. The web is amazing,you must have a great camera. I have a photo of a moth and it looks as if it has stuck on diamonds on it's wings, Amazing photos. Shame about that building.

  6. Nice collection! I love the shot of the tree. It has such amazing color. The clouds reflecting on the water is pretty cool too!
    Everyday Inspired

  7. You got some amazing photos. That spider web is spectacular!!


  8. Thanks all! I just hope our foliage gets better b/c it's kinda lame right now except for that one tree.

  9. Wow, beautiful fall colours! Sadly ours only last a very short time, then all the leaves dump overnight. Love the spider web photo - so delicate!