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October 8, 2012

"Happy People Decorate!"

Or so said my bff Marsha to me on Facebook, when I was hemming and hawing about draaaaaaagging out the fall/Halloween decorations and did I waaaaaant to go through all the bother.  "Happy people decorate...Just sayin" was her reply.  Yeah, she's right.  I hadn't put any decorations out for years back in Washington due to crushing depression and an I-couldn't-care-less attitude.  It's been a long time since I'd seen them, except for a cursory look prior to moving, to give the ex a few decorations that I knew he wanted (and I now wish I'd taken).  But I got the lion's share, so out they came.  Due to space and storage issues, only a few pieces came out.  There's no room for the Halloween tree which is currently buried in the shed, and I couldn't get to my Halloween-themed needlework for the walls either.

Most of them are decorative candles or tea light/votive holders.  It looks pretty in here when all the candles are lit.

If spiders really looked this goofy, I wouldn't be afraid of them.

Hard to see, but these are purple bat lights.  They are just adorable!!

Happy people decorate.  Yes, it's true.


  1. You do have QUITE a collection of Halloween decorations. :D
    Since we live in a very rural area, homes are rather far apart and therefore do not get any trick-or-treaters. This I do miss, as all the really little children are so sweet when dressed up as their fantasies. Anyway, without the children, Halloween has lost its pizzazz for me. :( So yes, I guess it is true; "Happy people" do decorate. :)

  2. You are spot on! Happy people really do decorate. The year I found out about Devin's addiction, I didn't do diddly squat in the decoration department. Last year we decorated more and this year we are excited about decorating.

    Your decorations look fantastic and if spiders were goofy looking, I wouldn't be paying $150 this week to have an exterminator come out this week to get rid of them. GAH!!!

  3. I started decorating yesterday! I still have my mom's old Halloween tree, it was fun getting it out again. Now if my cats would just leave it alone ;)

  4. You must be VERY happy now :)

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Looks wonderful to me :0)

  6. I actually have more decorations that didn't get used!!! lol I would like to have used my Halloween Tree and the ornaments for it b/c it's really cool with the orange and purple lights but I think Destructo Dawg would knock it over. lol

  7. You have lots of fun decoration for Halloween, and have put together lots of cute little collection. Now that my daughter is in college, I don't usually decorate. Does that mean I'm not a happy person?:(
    Everyday Inspired

  8. I love your collection of Halloween decorations. All I have out yet is this large plastic ghost that is holding a pumpkin with a black cat at the bottom. It all lights up. I need to get to the attic and drag out more one of these times. I love Halloween and always decorate for it, just as my mom did before me. Cool post!! Decorations make the heart lighter.


  9. I haven't decorated these last few years for any holidays - I'm going to be happy this year :)

  10. Our shops are full of halloween decorations ,each year they seem to be more and more. My granddaughter is only a year old and things like that scare her so looks like it will be another few years before I can decorate with scary things.

  11. Ha! I guess you're right about Happy People Decorating! It makes me happy when I get out holiday decor. This year I did far more Fall decorating than ever; this weekend that will make way for the Halloween stuff... this is my favorite time of the year!