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September 16, 2012

Main Street Hyannis, Part 2

These two vintage stores are da bomb.  I loved looking at the clothes in Plush & Plunder, even though I wouldn't buy it, but Treasures & Temptations was exactly that.  I just don't have the room anymore to buy stuff like this unfortunately.  

There is a really cool tree at the end of this alley.  A bar/restaurant is built under and around it.

My pictures don't do the tree justice.

That's the top spilling out over the awnings.

Funky shark.  By the way, several beaches have been closed because of sharks, and one man had his foot nearly bitten off by a great white.  

"One of things is not like the others..."  Although I was pleased to see BBay included with all these other sexy and exotic locales.  

I am still sad that this place is now a small arcade.  It used to be Lorania's Toys & Books, a wonderful children's store.  I got my Narnia & Middle Earth map posters there in 1978.  They had so many great little toys - wooden puzzles made in Germany, stuffed animals, floats and beach balls, whiffle ball sets, etc.  I was so sad that it closed some time in the 80s I think. 

This carousel used to be located in the West End Market Place, which also had small shops and food vendors but is now closed.  

In the arcade

Colourful towels outside a huge tshirt and souvenir store.

Then I came upon another shop that had some really cool stuff inside.  Tons of kitsch and fun souvenirs.

I say wicked...wicked big.

There was one for every town/village.

Hyannis has duckboat tours now.  Who knew?

Back up towards the winter end of Main again.  There are some very old buildings on this part of the street.

John F. Kennedy Museum.

Chief Iyannough, after whom Hyannis is named.

I have no idea why this waiter has a kerchief/napkin over his face.  Either it's a stick up or the food smells bad.

And finally I leave you with the Lobsta Bah tshirt with more stereotypical Massachusetts phrases, like 'I'm Bangin' a U-eey" and "That's a Wicked Pissah".


  1. ::sighs:: How lovely that all looks. I dream that writerly dream of owning/living in a beach house and writing from my deck as the ocean churns not too many yards away. Cape Cod would be *great* (and maybe we'd be neighbors!). :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. I love all the old buildings in your photos, and that tree is amazing. It is kind of sad how businesses come and go. I really miss small local book stores.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. I just love that tree. It's amazing! I'm a bit sad about the carousel though. You have another great set of pictures here, JoJo, thank you for sharing.

  4. I wonder if the locals appreciate the place as much as the returnee?

  5. Trust me Val, they don't. Going to play tourist in Hyannis is not something the locals do at all. I sure didn't when I lived here the first time....

  6. Loved the tour of Hyannis Port! Very cool.


  7. Love the fortune teller! I would love to have one of those in my house... if I had a place to put it.

    The font on the sign in the first photo is called "Broadway" and one of my favorites. People don't use it much any more (like Cooper Black) and I really miss it.

    Great photos, as always!