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September 13, 2012

I Won! I Won!

Several weeks ago, Maureen over at Victorian Studio took us on a really cool tour of her new Victorian studio where she creates her beautiful crafts and cards. It's wonderfully organized with great furniture pieces, and she has a knack for thrift shopping.  At the end of her tour, she was having a giveaway.  All you had to do was comment and then you were entered in the contest.  This was on or about July 13th.  Well I plumb forgot about it till I saw a recent post announcing the winner. To my utter delight, it was me!!!!!!

My package arrived covered in Canadian stamps, as it winged its way from Winnipeg, Manitoba (aka "Winterpeg").  At first I thought it was from Italy, because it says, 'Fra-GEEE-lay'.  ;-D

I find it ironic that the 'Fragile' side of the box is the one that got punched in.  The whole box looked like it had been through some hard times.

Luckily it was filled with packing peanuts which kept the contents from breaking!

Maureen is a very gifted artist and made this beautiful card.  I tried to take a picture of the amazing texture but it didn't come out.  

Inside was this great large lace doily and this lovely little china set.

See how tiny?  I used a nickle to show scale.

An amazing silver tray that reminds me of scallop shells.

3 roles of old lace

Salt shakers and some fun bits!

This is amazing.  It's a shell design on black velvet and very 'fra-GEE-lay'.

And some vintage BINGO cards!!!

How very cool and how lucky am I?!?!  Thanks again Maureen!! 


  1. Very cool, Jojo! I like a lot of the crafting materials that you won. (I make things occasionally, in between writing)

    I've seen tiny cups like those in antique shops. I like collecting items made of blue glass, and handpainted ceramics - all from browsing antique shops in different cities.

    Thanks for sharing the pix.

  2. Congratulations! That's awesome!

  3. Now all you need is a house extension to put eveything in!

  4. Congrats my dear! Your gifts are lovely!!!


  5. Well holy crap! I should have taken a "before" photo... when it left, the box was square and there was only ONE computer-printed (by the postal clerk) stamp on it!

    That is just crazy what they did to it!!! Why all the small stamps? Wow, they already charged me over $30 to ship it... you'd think for that much money and all the Fragile stickers on it, it would have been handled much more carefully!

    I am SO glad I packed it with peanuts... and I am SO glad it the contents arrived safely and that you like them!

    Congrats and have fun, and THANK YOU for all your very kind comments; you are too sweet Jo-Jo!!

  6. Maureen, I honestly think that the post office worker took the 'fragile' stickers as a challenge. lol "Handle with Care? Don't tell me how to do my job! I'll show them!"

  7. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Hey Jojo, I saw Keanu playing 'Hamlet' in Winnipegg. It was January and the locals said quite 'mild' for the time of year. It was a rather bracing -15.

    Congratulations on your win :0)

  8. Congrats on your win!! It looks like you got a box full of really fun stuff. Enjoy.
    Everyday Inspired