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September 12, 2012

Buttermilk Bay Beach

It's a real treat to live within walking distance to this beach!  It's not one I'd ever swim at, but water is water.

If this inlet beach got the tidal and wave movement that the coastal beaches get, it'd be a goldmine for beach glass.  There's a ton of glass all over it, but it's still all freshly broken.

Construction continues on the other side of the highway bridge over the water.

Not sure what fish it was.

Water sparklies!

To me these berries look like tiny pumpkins.  I think it's bittersweet.

This was even too rusted and icky for me to take home as a beach treasure!

Fall was finally showing up as of this photo, taken on August 28th.

Seawall's a bit cattywampus.

Top o' the bridge


  1. what kind of berries are they?

  2. My friends on Facebook identified them as Bittersweet. :)

  3. Fantastic photos Jo-Jo... love the Victorian arbor, the rusty treasure and the little birdie feet prints!

    You ARE lucky to live within walking distance of the beach!

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Beautiful pictures, as always :0)

  5. Cattywampus? New one on me1

    Love the birdie footprints.

  6. I agree - water is water! And, yes, they do look like pumpkins. Bittersweet berries? Hmmm, never heard of them. Very cool.

  7. I don't like swimming in ocean water, but I do like to walk along the beach. Nice photos.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Terrific photos! I love the birds on the platform.

  9. Cool photos!!


  10. Yah, any beach with that much seaweed and fish bits isn't exactly swimmable in my books. (I live next to a river and swim in my pool... how picky am I?? I'm always afraid of something swimming up and biting my bum.)

  11. I wish I live near the beach. I would love to walk by the shore every morning!

  12. I would love to live near a beach! Lucky you. It must be nice to head to the beach whenever you want. Your photo collection is great. I love the shot of the little bird feet impressions.
    Everyday Inspired