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August 18, 2012

Plymouth, Part 2

 And then the jet ski I rented got away from me..... ;-)

I wasn't about to leave town without visiting Cupcake Charlie's!!!  I needed a reward for walking around for 2 hours in the heat and humidity!!!

Chocolate chip! Om nom nom nom!!

Like I was going to walk past and not shoot a photo of this?  If I was still in high school, I'd return after dark to try and steal it.

Temple Beth Jacob.  I've never seen a Jewish temple in what used to be a church!

True story.

Pretty beach bags.

Stairs to burial hill.  I wasn't up for a hike up them in the warm weather so I'll save that for another trip.

I want this peacock.

And this table.


  1. I love that peacock too! You have the best camera, your pictures always come out fantastic. Thank you for sharing some more of your trip =)

  2. Such great photos! I've been catching up here a bit and was glad to see a photo of you included :)
    I do know how you feel though, I'm the same way about appearing in photos.

  3. I wouldn't mind the peacock either! As for those steops, I don't think I could have managed them either. It's been so hot here I can't even think about it without needing to have a lie-down!

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    It's always nice to take a walk with you :0)

  5. If we all order the peacock maybe we can get a discount?! We did Plymouth also but on speed dial!!!

  6. Lovely pictures! I would like to go to the cupcake shop! I got very excited and thought this was Plymouth in the UK - not too far from where I live!

  7. Thank you for taking me sightseeing. I loved seeing the pictures!!


  8. Another great collection photos! Looks like you got to see lots of cool stuff.
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