Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

August 20, 2012

Miscellaneous Summer Shots and More Awards!

This old derelict building in town was just begging me to shoot it.  

No respect for poor Engledink Humperbert (that's what I like to call him).  

Snailies in my yard.  Such pretty shells!!!

Loved this ship in the Canal.  Wonder if it's commercial or private?

Seagull and cormorant not speaking to each other.

The Canadian tanker, Thalassa Desgagnes.  Thanks to the marine traffic website, I can track ships I see coming and going in the Canal.  This one was headed to Providence the day I shot it.

Scusset Beach packed on a hot summer day.

Wish I was out there!

The water felt sooooo good, although Liz's son thought it was way too cold.

Liz's very bright orange toenail polish.

Cool ship entering the Canal.  Looked like a pirate ship!  I haven't heard if the Sandwich Marina has been captured.

Neat clouds.

Then another warm day I wasn't feeling well so I took a walk to get some air.  Went down to Buttermilk Bay and started playing with some pebbles on the beach.

Which morphed into this.  See?  Any surface can be used for art!!!

Also I want to thank Mina at Some Dark Romantic for awarding me the Be Inspired Award!  I was bad and I never did answer the questions she tagged me and other bloggers to do, although I wanted to.  But my answers were/are sooooo lame so I won't burden you with them.     

And a big thank you to Curvy Lady for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I'm supposed to again list more factoids about myself but again, I have no idea what to say that hasn't already been said! 

Readers, please feel free to take this for yourselves as I would just award them to all of you anyway!!  Thanks Mina & C.L.! Love you long time!!! 


  1. I love the one of the two birds not speaking to each other. Made me laugh this morning.
    Also I really need to check that marine traffic website out. I've heard of it but just never have taken the time.

  2. WOW - I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that shot of the snails! It's awesom - it almost looks like an illustration for a children's book!!!

  3. That beach, that beautiful beach! Wow, what a gorgeous place to while away a hot summer day. Love the photos, JoJo. And how sad for Engelbert to end up so abused.

    (Nice toenails, by the way.)

  4. I love the seagull/cormorant picture.

  5. Many congrats on the awards - you deserve them, JoJo! I love the pictures of the old house; I think they have the most awesome stories to tell!!

  6. What beautiful pictures!!! I adore your photography! :)


  7. ROTFL, JoJo, you're just so danged adorable, I can't even get mad at you for not answering all those questions I painstakingly thought up! ;-)

    Meanwhile, that house sure looked creepy!
    Some Dark Romantic

  8. Oh yeah - methinks that cute initials-in-pebbles pic would make for a great "Save the Date" type postcard, for the folks you plan to invite to your wedding. (Did y'all set a date???)
    Some Dark Romantic

  9. Love that old building! I would have had to do a little somewhat illegal urban exploring to get some inside photos! Love all your photos. The seagulls not speaking to each other is too funny and love the cool ship and the gorgeous clods - love them all :)

  10. I like the nice bright and breezy mood evoked by your shots, definitely upbeat.

  11. Great photos! I love the shot of the water with the stones. Congrats on your awards.
    Everyday Inspired