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July 2, 2012

7/2/11: Albany, NY to Cape Cod, MA

I was sooooo sad knowing this was the last day of our trip.  We left Albany fairly early, because it was the Saturday of July 4th weekend and we knew traffic going on the Cape was going to be insane.

I shed some tears seeing this.  I always said hell would freeze over if I ever moved back.  It was, however, a very hot and humid day.  lol

Stuck in traffic for quite some time.

Got off in BBay to grab the key for our house.

I was so happy with this place when we pulled in the driveway.  It is the perfect little home for us!

While my sweet Bear was off moving the bed out of storage to the house and setting up the a/c units, I drove over the Sagamore Bridge to stay with my mom that first night back.  It was more than a surreal experience, having my personal car with Washington license plates in her yard for the first time ever.  My car was a bit of a novelty around here till I got it registered.  Not too many PNW area vehicles make it to Massachusetts.
Day 7:  approximately 214 miles.  An amazing honeymoon-like journey that I will never forget, and a great way to kick off our lives together.

Most memorable moments:  Crying when we entered MA, getting stuck in massive traffic edging towards the Cape, stopping in BBay to see the house and being unable to find the key that got washed under the deck, unloading the car, trying to jump start his pick up truck at the Park N Ride Lot in Sagamore to no avail and having to arrange for a tow and temporary vehicle, pulling into mom's yard and bringing Pepper into her house.

Epilogue:  July 7, 2011, when the POD with all my earthly belongings is delivered.  I had officially arrived.

I could never have done this without Russell's unwavering love and support, or without the support of my friends & family.  He made it real easy to break away from my life on the west coast, and though I miss the PNW, it's great to be back.  I want to thank the realtor who assisted us with the rental home from long distance, and a thank you is in order to our landlords who are awesome. Finally, thank you to everyone for believing in me and pulling me through so that I could become the person I am today.  I couldn't have done it without all of you!!!! 


  1. I can feel your happines Jo! Aint it great to be back home! <3

  2. No more craying JoJo! :D

  3. To answer your question, I created a fan page, and use to automatically post my blog postings on the FB page. That way it is pretty much on autopilot.

  4. Awwwwwww! ::sniffs::

    And - Hey, I know New Bedford! My parents had a Godson up there (lots of Portuguese immigrants settled there, back in the day, dunno about now). We used to go for Easter to visit him, when I was a kid. Cape Cod was nicer. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  5. What a great trip that was! Hearing about it makes me want to take one of my own. Good luck in the new home.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Clearly you are right where you belong!

  7. Anonymous3:46 AM

    *Applause* at the end of a journey that was so much more than a road trip for you!