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April 1, 2012

Aptucxet Trading Post

It's sad how I could grow up somewhere and be so woefully unaware....and the local history.  It's just a place I lived that was historical, and lots of buildings are really old and have some significance to the beginnings of our country, but I was only vaguely aware of the specifics of said history.  

One such place is Aptucxet Trading Post.  (Pronounced:  app-TUCKS-et).  The link leads to a page with a brief history, chronologically by year, of this part of Bourne.  As an aside, the first thing on this list is that Leif Erickson visited the Manamet River.  This is absolutely the first time I have ever heard of that particular viking making his way to this part of Cape Cod.  It just doesn't seem likely.  Newfoundland, yes, but here? That's not to say other vikings could have, and probably did, explore what is now the Massachusetts coast, but Leif Erickson?

The original trading post was founded by the Pilgrims in 1627, and is our nation's oldest store.  Who knew?!  I mean seriously, colour me shocked!!  I really had no idea Aptucxet holds that distinction.  The Manament River & Scusset Rivers were what originally separated Cape Cod from the mainland, and which were dug out and widened to become the Cape Cod Canal.  The original trading post was constructed at the portage of the 2 rivers.  The current trading post is a replica of the original.

I also found out that the Gray Gables area, where Aptucxet is located, was President Grover Cleveland's summer White House from 1888-1896.  Again, who knew?  This depot was moved here from it's original location in 1976, but served as President Cleveland's personal train station.  Additional information can be found HERE, and it's pretty fascinating stuff.

This is the gift shop, which was obviously closed for the season.  I have kicked around volunteering here when the weather gets nicer.

Here's the replica of the original trading post, built in 1927.

Looking toward the Canal and service road where people can hike and bike all the way to Sandwich.

Bourne Bridge

Railroad Bridge, and Mass Maritime on the other side.


  1. Just beautiful, Jo!!

  2. Love the look on that roof - in one photo it looks as if pixellated, but I know it's an optical illusion.

    Very interesting images - makes me wish I had a better camera now.

    Welcome to the hearth, and thank you for joining us there. I hope you enjoy your stay and find something of interest :)

  3. So true about not really appreciating the history of where you grow up. Or for that matter where you live. People travel miles to visit my town, and we just live there and whine about the inconveniences.

    Found you via A-Z blog challenge - which I'm also participating in.


  4. It's good that you get to find out the good stuff second time around. It helps to see stuff from an adult point of view.

  5. Great photography. Isn't it weird how there are wondrous things right under your nose? All you have to do is pay attention. Becoming a blogger helped me see that.

  6. Sometimes we need to go away to realize how beautiful home is. That's just the way it is :)

  7. I think we're all guilty of that - oblivity (is that a word?) to our surroundings. Gorgeous pictures !!! Makes me want to go out and be an adventurist here in my backyard!

  8. Awesome pics! I love discovering pieces of history! Neat!

  9. Thanks everyone! And welcome to the new visitors!! I appreciate your stopping by!!!

  10. Lovely pix, as always.

    I've been woefully unaware of things, people and places in my life. I sort of live in a cloud! So you don't owe any one any mea culpas as far as I'm concerned.

  11. I learn a lot of things from your blogs!

    A Ladybug's Life


  12. Awesome bridge, and even more awesome windmill.