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February 20, 2012

Very Pinteresting!

As if I didn't need one more thing to occupy my time online, my friends turned me onto Pinterest.  It's this online site where you can virtually 'pin' stuff you like and in which you are interested, onto different boards.  If you can't find the stuff you like in the search feature, as uploaded by other pinners, you can upload your own custom boards with your fave stuff.  People who are on the main Pinterest page will see what everyone is uploading and pinning to their boards, and repin them if they like what they see.  It's a cool way to keep all the things you love organized and in one place.  I found myself pinning like a maniac during the week I was waiting for Sagan to come was a nice distraction and I was able to immerse myself in it for hours which kept my mind off everything.  I also started pinning during the Superbowl, which was a nail-biter of a game.

You get to see who likes what, and then you can follow people's boards if you want to check out what you might want to repin to your own boards.  I must say that it's definitely more female-oriented, than male oriented.  I've gotten a ton of craft and cooking ideas from it already.  Now I know how to make crackle marbles.  By the way, as a side note to The Vincent Vixens, you ladies would have a field day creating boards for all his movies and roles.....just sayin'.  ;-D

I have boards for my fave Actors, Art, Crafts, Books, TV & Movies, Adorable Animals, Collections, Sports, Bucket List, "Food Porn" (recipes), Gems & Jewelry, Glass, Grateful Dead artwork, Canada, Places I've Lived & Vacationed, etc.

Here is one of the craft ideas I found on that site.  You glue buttons around a balloon to make a bowl.  While this sounds easy in theory, it's actually extremely time consuming and you have to hold the balloon upright for quite some time while the glue sets in order to keep the buttons from sliding down the sides.  Also, if you put the balloon down for any reason, it will flip over b/c of the weight of the buttons.  In retrospect I probably should have propped it up in something like a jar, or even a small, empty wastebasket.  Once the glue has dried, you pop the balloon, leaving a bowl.  I was unsure how well this would work, so I decided not to invest any more time in gluing additional rows of buttons.

I was afraid that popping the balloon so suddenly would pull the entire project apart, so I managed to undo the knot and let the air out very slowly, and to my surprise, the balloon pulled away nicely from the buttons, leaving a bowl shape.  It will still need some finishing work to get rid of, or hide, the glue bits. I will probably need to buy shellac or some other kind of sealer for it.

Side view of my new button bowl!

I am looking forward to trying more of the projects I've pinned onto my Arts, Crafts, Hobbies & Interests Board!  And the recipes.....cannot wait to try those as well!  There are a lot of creative people out there and I appreciate their sharing ideas with us.  Join me on, won't you? :-D


  1. I honestly still don't get Pinterest. This is why I have not created an account. I just don't get it. LOL

    A Ladybug's Life


  2. LOVE the button bowl :0)

  3. Sonnia, I didn't get it either. But it's pretty cool to have all kinds of fave stuff in one place. Craft ideas, decorating, cute animals, recipes....

    Thanks Diane!

  4. You are the artist. I'm a klutz!

  5. LOVE Pinterest!!
    I have all kinds of boards, most that are just stuff!! But I like to keep track of recipes, new fabrics and it has come in handy helping my daughter plan her wedding!!
    I am ADDICTED!!

  6. I have a plate made out of a paper napkin; my ex-supervisor glued it onto glass (above and below) but you can't tell unless you really inspect it, that it was glued (colorless glue I guess, since you can't see any of it?) made a really cute napkin/plate with colorful hearts and I love it! Would love one of yours too! :)

    Check out that glued-napkin thing, I think you might like that one too. People make holiday plates (w/Christmas or Halloween napkins) with them, mine was for Valentines Day some years ago and I saved it... a great conversation piece.

    Wish I could do crafts, but aside from (cheap) earrings, I am a bust at it!

  7. Like the button-bowl!

    But I don't need yet another site... busy enough as it is. I think I get Pinterest from your description, it sounds similar to tumblr, which is busy but as for blogging, I find blogger or livejournal more fitting to my needs. The neat thing is though that tumblr feeds into the blogger dashboard, so you can keep up to date with tumblr blogs via the dashboard.