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February 28, 2012

Life and Stuff

Wow the first two months of the year are gone!!!  I'm always kind of sad when that happens, especially when January ends.  I love January.  It seems like the year starts flying by so quickly after the first 2 months end.

Sagan looks much better and is slowly filling out.  He's a happy little guy who still loves playing with his squeak toys and cuddling.  I took him over to my mom's house earlier in the month and she couldn't help but melt when he went over for pets.  He was very good over there and with her, and she didn't even mind when he got up on the couch and snuggled in my lap.  I know he misses having a couch and window to look out of.  He loves that.  Am hoping to get at least a loveseat by April, and possibly the couch that goes with it. That will involve a lot of rearranging in the livingroom....I'm being lobbied hard to move the stereo somewhere else, because it doesn't get used when he's home, and to be honest, when I'm here alone, I like it quiet during the day and the TV is on at night.  So yeah, it's not getting used.  

Speaking of Sandwich, here are a few pics from the day we went to mom's.  This is at one of the cranberry bogs near Spring Hill Beach in E. Sandwich.

An awesome sunset at Shawme Pond.

Driving home to Buzzards Bay.

Canal and Bourne Bridge in the distance.

Buzzards Bay

Full moon that night (2/7/12).

Here's an adorable pic of da Bean, sitting up next to my chair, working the cute to get a snack.  (Note: Since I was asked on Facebook what that red light is, it's the power strip switch for the stereo)

Not too much going on at all with life itself.  Pretty much same ol', same ol', which is fine with me.  Things are happy and peaceful in my little world.  We had some snow that didn't stick, but it was pretty to watch falling that day.  I mostly did crafts and coloured.  Oh yeah, the one sucky thing was that I got my tax return back and I owe quite a bit of cash.  More than I thought, and way more than what I have. So that really sucks.  But my squeeze held me tight and reassured me, as usual.  He's such a good, sweet man.  He works so hard too.

I have looked around for work but alas, I am unqualified for everything that's out there, and most jobs are so far away that it wouldn't make sense to increase fuel costs and put wear and tear on my car, which has over 93,000 miles on it, or start to incur car payments if I get a new used car, which will have to be Jeep-like.  It's almost more cost-effective, in the long run, for me to remain unemployed right now, b/c I have so much flexibility to pick him up and drop him off, without our needing to get a second vehicle.  And I admit, I reeeeally don't want to go back to work yet.  I love being at home for the first time in my life.  Since Kindergarten, I've always had to have a Monday thru Friday schedule.  College was the same, and I went right to work after college. I am enjoying the sweet freedom of sleeping late, doing crafts, taking walks, spending lots of time with my doggies, etc.  I love being domestic.  Getting the house clean and laundry done, stocking the pantry and fridge with my honey's fave things, cooking for him when he gets home, spoiling him rotten when he gets in. 

Oh we had some really great news though!!!  I emailed our landlords that we would love to stay in the house when the Lease is up in June.  I wanted to put it out there early, in case they had intended on not renewing, or putting the place up for sale.  In that case, I would have to start looking for a new rental and start the task of packing what I just unpacked not that long ago. I was on tenterhooks waiting for a reply, and scared to check my email in case the reply wasn't what I'd hoped.  However, to my delight, I got an email back right away saying that they were hoping we'd stay, they were gonna ask us to stay and they weren't going to raise the rent!!  So we are here till at least June, 2013 and that is a huge relief and burden off my shoulders.  I don't even have to think about having to move for over a year.  I expected, and would have accepted, a rent increase but no increase is just too awesome!  I do love this house and Buzzards Bay.  I'd never spent any time in BBay when I grew up in Sandwich....I only ever saw the Rte. 28/Main Street corridor on the way to and from NY, before the Rte. 25 connecting highway was built, bypassing downtown BBay and Wareham, allowing us to get onto I-195 from the Bourne Bridge.  Oh, and we used to bowl here in BBay when we were kids.

Sagieboo continues to push the boundaries by stealing chairs or snoozing on the bed during the day.  He wouldn't dare do this when my love is home, but when he's on the road, Sagan likes to sit in the Man of the House's chair.  He was all curled up but then sat up when I went to take his picture.  Doofus.

So of course what's good for the gander is good for the goose, and now Pepper decided to sit in Uncle Daddy's chair too.  Dontcha love the "Go-ahead-make-my-day-I-dare-you-to-kick-me-off" expression?  

This one sums up the relationship between brother and sister.  He was grunting happily and squeaking a toy, which was freshly repaired that morning, oblivious to her exasperated stare.  

My boys having a snuggle moment one lazy Sunday.  I'm so pleased that they continue to bond.  Sagan hides from the ever present paparazzi.

We continued to have great weather for the most part.  Sunny and clear, but chilly.  Certainly mild by New England standards. I had to run up to town hall to drop off my voter registration, so decided to finally check out this vista point along the Canal.

I was eager to see what I could only assume would be a lovely, three mile, sweeping view from the Bourne Bridge to the Railroad Bridge, so I braved the icy cold wind and headed up the path.

And it is a lovely view.  Too bad it's almost completely obstructed by power lines, poles and several trees!!  I was so shocked that all that money was spent on benches, a little table and covered viewing area, so that you could look at lines.

Facing toward the Railroad Bridge is even worse.  What were they thinking?  HELLO!  No matter what you do, you cannot get a decent photo from this 'vista point'.  The lines are unavoidable.  Oh, and as a side note, look at where the vista point railing is, on the far right edge.  That shows you how far I was leaning out, attempting to get a halfway decent picture.  The shorter power pole top that is blocking the right side of the bridge actually completely blocks the bridge if you aren't leaning halfway over the rail!!!  I can only guess that further views of the Canal are obstructed when the trees are in bloom as well.  

I'm struggling with Project 365.  It's way harder than I thought it would be to shoot one picture every day.  Sometimes I shoot 5 or 6 that are decent enough for a week's worth of daily photos, but that's not the spirit of the project.  It's supposed to be shot and posted the same day.  I admit I've cheated a couple times and posted pics not shot that same day.  Everyone that started doing 365 with me in early January is having the same problem too.  

For the most part, February was a month of crafts, which is always good.   Gotta start thinking about building that fence in the back yard too.  Sagan will turn 7 on March 11th, and there's a party for Russell's grandmother's 90th birthday coming up too.  Am already considering some recipes for something to bring.  And his birthday as well.  Would love to take some more day trips but the rising gas prices are, again, making me think twice about venturing too far.  I expect I'll be making a trip up to Eastham and P-Town fairly soon though.  Or should I say 'down to' since that area is known as the Lower Cape, even though it curves upward.  Never got that at all.  The Sandwich/Bourne/Falmouth/Mashpee area is called the Upper Cape.  Go figure.  Hopefully March will continue with mild weather, peace and calm cause that's what we like!

Happy Leap Year and I leave you with one more picture of the kids, which I have titled:

"Archie & Edith"


  1. ok, i give...which one is archie? :)

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Good to know your 'family' is all back together again :0)

  3. Sagan is looking great! Glad to see you all playing Happy Families.

    Those sunsets are gorgeous. Or is it just "that sunset" lots of times?

  4. Val, the sunset pics are from one night...I shot them in Sandwich and on my drive home. :)

  5. Awww,such cute babies! I just wanna kiss Sagan on his snout and offer Pepper an ear scratch. They are so cute!

  6. Anonymous11:38 PM

    After so many years I finally found a job that is about as close to perfect as a job can possibly be. I'm hoping the same for you. You can believe how incredibly healing it is to have meaningful work where your are fully appreciated. You deserve it as much as anyone--more than most.