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October 22, 2011

Sandwich Fish Hatchery

Did you know that, officially, we are known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, instead of State of.... ? There are only 4 Commonwealths:  MA, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia.  The MassWildlife has run a fish hatchery in Sandwich for a long time.  It's free to visit and a very peaceful place to take a walk.

Looking down the entrance road to the fish hatchery.

I'm not entirely sure why a fish hatchery needs this much firewood.

These pools hold the large breeder fish.  Different kinds of trout are raised for stocking in the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds around the area.  I find it sadly ironic that they go through all this trouble to raise the fish only to be caught and eaten.  

Rainbow trout

.25 will get you a handful of food pellets to feed to the fishies.  

Pumps keep the water circulating.

That one guy on the left has a seriously bad skin condition.


  1. That sickly fish - I know that with salmon parasites in the farmed fish are devastating the wild population (learnt that from Boston Legal!)

  2. Seems odd to have to 'farm fish' but that's probably just part of the over population problem we're having. Nature can't keep up with us.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. You really should look into professional photography as a potential career...but then I did that with radio and it just spoils the fun when you have to do as opposed to when you want to do it. lol

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Nice shoutout to the Commonwealth of PA. There's a place north of me, Linesville, that has a gazillion over-sized carp in a spillway off of Pymatuning Lake. People go and feed the carp bread that causes a frenzy you would not believe...then the ducks come and walk on the backs of the fish to also get the bread. Doing their best to get in on the action are the seagulls that fly in to get their share. It's nuts.