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October 24, 2011

East Sandwich

I love my village, East Sandwich.  It's a lot different than downtown.  The old homes are on decent size plots of land, although A LOT of developments have gone in.  Not so much in my part of town though. The Rte. 6A/Old County Road Corridor to the town line with West Barnstable, has remained virtually unchanged since I grew up there.  E. Sandwich has always been rural, lots of salt marshes too.  And woods, though those have disappeared to said developments.  There were benefits and liabilities to growing up there.  It was peaceful but it was a lonely place for an only child to be raised.  Now that I'm back and appreciate it more, I have a hard time not stopping my car every few feet to shoot another set of photos of another quaint old home, gnarled tree, cranberry bog, pond, railroad track, ad nauseum.  So here are a few pics of E. Sandwich. For now anyway.

The Lavender Moon's sign could use a touch up.  I love the flowers wrapped around the pole.  I could buy everything in this shop.

Sandy Neck Beach

Soakin up the rays on a spiffing fall day

Tide pools

I built this little stone beach cairn and circle of rocks.

This Canadian flag at the Riverview School caught my eye and I had to drive in and shoot a photo of it.  Incidentally, I highly recommend checking out the link to the school (click on the name of it) to read the school's history.  Note to Val: You, especially, will find their story interesting. 

Scorton Creek at high tide

High tide in the salt marshes

Scorton Creek bridge on Rte. 6A.  This is another popular place for kids to jump into the water at high tide.

This is another fave place, given my addiction to glass.  The Glass Studio on Cape Cod is well worth a visit.  Glassblower Michael Magyar's work seems to be very influenced by Dale Chihuly.

I covet all this glass slag and the tinier glass fragments.  Better yet, I would DIE to find this as beach glass.


  1. Absolutely lovely place you live in, JoJo. Love glass shops and I'd love to see that Magical Gifts shop as well!

    I know how you feel about the disappearing woods. In my case it was disappearing pineapple and sugar cane fields making way for housing developments.

  2. I'd apply for a job at the school, but I'm saving myself for the one Vincent supports for autism and Asperger's!

  3. pix of cranberry bog, plz

  4. Anonymous3:46 AM

    What beautiful pictures to cheer me up on a wet, cold October morning :0)

  5. I was wondering for a moment w hy someone had put a Canadian flag up. Thought maybe you had been invaded!


  6. I love that gargoil knocker or whatever it is... spooky!

    I love New Bedford too. Some of the old houses there are incredible.

    Nice photos! Wish I was there.