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June 17, 2011

Inside the Forest Learning Center, Mount St. Helens

This visitor center is pretty big and features a lot of excellent and informative exhibits.  I'd heard it was better than Johnston Ridge.  

Cool painting of what St. Helens looked like before it blew in May 1980.

This is a real truck, shown as-found in the blast zone, after the eruption.

Mount St. Helens is another near-100 mile one way trip from where I live.

A map showing the blast and blowdown zone.


Dave Johnston's last words over the radio, at 8:32 am that day were, "Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!"  His body was never found.  Johnston Ridge Observatory up the road from where I was is named for him and located where he was standing the day he died.

St. Helens & Spirit Lake before and after

I couldn't really get a good shot of this miniature forest

Teeny tiny logging equipment for the teeny tiny logs.

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  1. it's pretty amazing, what mother nature can do when she's angey. i find volcanos, earthquakes and plate tectonics fasinating. your pictures are lovely, and i had to giggle about your ability to shoot a pic and drive at the same time. i did the same thing in 1982 whan i crossd the mississippi river for the first st. louis. just had to get a pic of the rushtime traffic, at dusk! LOL