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January 10, 2011


Snagged these off part of the I Can Has Cheezburger site.  I was in snots for quite awhile....that is until Brian, fed up with my hysterical giggling, finally gave me the stink eye and a terse, "Ahem...."

OK this one with the reference to Snuggies took me off guard, which is my fave kind of joke.

What happened to this poor kid's arm?  Did it get caught in her rocker and ripped out??

Even Brian cracked up when I finally giggled and wheezed my way through the caption.  It's a Silence of the Lambs reference in case you can't place the quote.


This reminds me of something Rick Mercer might say. 

This one just makes me scream.


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I think the last one is my favourite too - LOL!

  2. Me too - I think it must be more in the British humour line.

  3. That's hilarious!

  4. The last one is great! And the Silence of the Lambs one too! LMAO!!

  5. BTW, what are Snuggies?

  6. Anonymous6:11 PM

    The Snuggies and last one are my favorites. Your account of your laughter I can really relate to. One time my brother called me at work and we got on the subject of my of my relatives (inside family joke) and I was howling. EVERYONE on the entire 5th floor heard me. People were popping up from their cubicles like gophers to see what was going on. Others came over to my cubicle to see if I was all right. My boss was at the opposite end of the floor and came out of the server room to see what I was doing...she just shook her head. I could barely breathe and it was one of those times that the expression "I died laughing" seemed real.

  7. Anonymous6:12 PM

    my = one

  8. Axe, snuggies are basically these bathrobe/blanket things, worn backwards. It's 'a blanket with arms'. I have one. Brian refuses to get one...he said they remind him of a cult.

    The commercials are a scream, with everyone kind of dancing/swaying with their pink and blue snuggies, singing, "I love my snuggie", which is done to the Macarena tune.

  9. Kathleen9:56 PM


    Haha. I like that and the last one.

  10. Cracking! I'd never heard of this site before but I'm feeling a rabbit link coming on...

  11. See,I got all caught up in the site when you linked it and forgot to comment!!! I like the kid in the plaid. Child safety certainly has come a long way....sure makes life boring. Maybe the saw kid when after the rocking chair kid. Hmmm.

    I ALMOST caved to Snuggie---the JLA one BUT I got a heated throw blanket instead. If they make heated Snuggies ever,I won't be able to stop myself.

    They even have Snuggies for dogs--I'm sure they just *love* them;)