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March 24, 2010

Ruby Beach

This is a place where I will return. Ruby Beach is amazing. I felt all the stress melt away as I meandered along the shoreline, hunting for pretty stones and breathing in the sweet sea air, ever mindful of the boiling ocean. I miss being near the coast. It's hard for someone raised within 2 miles of the water to live this far inland. Next time I go, I will make sure to pack a towel so that I can wade across the stream that cuts the beach in half. It was only about calf-deep at it's deepest, but I wasn't willing to soak my hiking boots and jeans. I could have taken off my boots and socks, but in the end I decided not to. Not because the water was cold b/c that doesn't bother me, but w/o a towel, I'd never get the sand off my feet and it would be uncomfortable back inside the boots. Next time I will be more prepared, now that I know what the beach is like. There are far less beach logs than at Kalaloch, but more sea stacks. It's called Ruby Beach because there are ground up bits of garnet in the sand. I couldn't really tell in the strong afternoon light, but it does seem to glow red in sunset pics I've seen. The trail to the beach is much easier than Kalaloch too.

I found a perfect nature-made log bench on the beach where I sat for quite awhile, watching the waves. That was the most relaxed I've been in ages and ages. Probably since I went to Victoria in 2007. The breeze was delicious. After a bit, I was getting too hot in the sun, so I walked back to the stream and followed it back a few yards to the shade, and hung out on a beach log there for awhile, staring into the woods. I saw something large and dark in a clearing, and was hoping it was Sasquatch, but a closer look w/ my zoom lens revealed a tree trunk. Oh well.

After I left, I stopped at a great scenic view turn out on the road to shoot some more pics of the coast, and then I stopped at Beach 4 and went to the overlook for more photo ops. I thought about hiking down but it was getting late and I was thirsty and out of Gatorade! Gives me a reason to go back.


  1. Even without the wave sounds and sea air, I feel more relaxed just looking at your wave pictures.

  2. I really could use some time by the seashore. I miss the Pacific ocean BIG TIME!!!

    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos. :-)

  3. My God, it is spectacular. I want to see the ruby sands in the sunset someday.

    Take a dip for me.

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    What a beautiful place....

  5. Sounds like a dream, I grew up on PEI, Canada, always near the water, now I like in Montreal and although I'm close to water, there's nothing like the ocean once it's in your blood, and I miss it, the sound, the smell,the waves. Thanks.

  6. I really need to get back to the Pacific Northwest...

  7. I really need to get out of Cape Town. Honey, it sounds wonderful. Especially the nature made resting places, just there to remind you what is REALLY important in life --- to stop and smell the ocean ;-)