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January 12, 2008

"The Way Back Room": Before and After

After working for a total of about 5 hours over the course of 2 days, I finally got this room cleaned, dusted and reorganized. This is what the room looked like right after the holidays. If you click the pictures, they will get bigger so you can see the detailed mess. Couldn't even get to the photo albums under that hanging blanket.
But now, at last, it's all clean.

I wish we could cover up the furnace with a custom made cabinet or something.
My next thorough cleaning project will be the den.
On another note: The Seahawks lost to the Packers today, so I owe my cousin Sharon dinner, at the restaurant of her choice, when I visit the Cape in May. I've always loved the Packers, however, so I am, of course, rooting for them for their next playoff. I would be a very happy camper if it was New England and Green Bay in the Superbowl.


  1. Doesn't it feel good to get projects like that done? It just tweaks some primordial feel-good section of the brain.
    Sorry about your SeaChickens :( but you had to know they didn't really have a chance.
    I'm watching the Pat vs Jags. I love Tom Brady but I love an underdog just a tiny bit more. We'll see, but I think the Jags will succumb.

  2. that's the match-up i want, since it looks like the jaguars aren't gonna beat the pats. i would love to see the packers beat the patriots. my mom's family are all from wisconsin, and i am so old i remember vince lombardi!

    great job on the clean-up. we've been cleaning up around here, after the last crazy storm.

  3. There is hope then. If only I could get into the dining room or the study to take a before picture, I could show you my (lack of) progress...

  4. Living in Jacksonville I have to hope for the Jags:) If you feel the need to do any more organizing, I have several rooms that could use your magic touch. Nice job.

  5. is the way back room anything like the wayback machine?
    actually, your wayback room looks like my entire house. housekeeping isn't in my vocabulary so, i applaud your efforts. i'm just sooooo inordinately lazy and self indulgent these days.
    go packers!

  6. Lizzzard12:18 PM

    Would you come do my mudroom for me? The way back room looks great!
    What alot of work!

  7. jojo,fancy coming over here and working your magic?? I have a few cupboards that I daren't open because of the avalanche of junk every time I go near them....My idea of tidying up is to shut everything away :-D

  8. I need to get busy and de-clutter. My garage is so full of stuff, I can't get my car in.

    Sorry Seattle lost, it looked promising at the beginning.

  9. well done! i try to declutter often, but alas, it still lokks cluttered. that room looks like a place i could spend hours in looking at all your cool stuff:)

  10. Jo, I think my bedroom looks a lot like this room, the only problem is that my room is much smaller and I have too much crap crowded in it. Oh, and a drumkit right in the middle!! LOL!

  11. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Are you available for hire?! Good job Jojo ;0)

  12. I'm working on rearranging my dorm room and de-cluttering right now. It's been a long 2-day project as well... not so much the clutter (I keep everything mostly organized) but more moving furniture and placing things in different homes than the ones they were in before.

  13. Kathleen - just think, in May, you'll have to pack it up and move it all out.

  14. GIRL!!! Let me just tell you...your "messy room" is NOTHING compared to what I've had to straighten up for my Mom and let's not even go to the subject of Chad. Seems like all we've done (Di & I) over the past five years is clean up everyone else's messes. UUUUGH!!!

    GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!