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January 14, 2008

Because I just can't let the little things go

Every Friday, our local paper, The News Tribune, has a column called "The Nose", which is fairly humorous, but people outside the area wouldn't understand half of the references. I don't even get them a lot of the time. But still, it's a column I enjoy.

When the second Narrows Bridge was being constructed, workers had to put LED lights on the cables to do night work. The effect was striking, and the workers started to change the colours depending on the seasons, or the Seahawks. Now that the Bridge is open, many of the people who have homes facing the bridges want the lights on the cables to stay lit.

A week or so ago, The Nose did a column where he was comparing T-Town (Tacoma) with other places, done tongue-in-cheek, of course, because of Tacoma's reputation as being, um, gritty. One of his comparisons was of the new Narrows Bridge to "The Golden Gate Bridge" with it's "beautifully lit cable spans". I sat there stewing on it for awhile, then decided that I couldn't let it go without emailing The Nose to tell him that no, the Golden Gate Bridge is NOT lit on the cables, but the Bay Bridge is. I attached photos of each bridge to illustrate the difference:
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

I never heard back from The Nose, and I forgot I'd even sent him the email, until the 1/8 column appeared on Friday:

So I was one of 2 people who emailed him. Me and Phil Miller. But The Nose is still wrong. His original column discussed lighting the cables, not the bridge deck. I am right and he is wrong. As it should be.


  1. you tell 'em, jojo. that nose needs to "blow"

  2. He just didn't want to admit that he was wrong. Must be an ego thing. Fenwayspal is right, he blows, LOL.

  3. nose=idiot. you are correct, jojo. take it from a native!

  4. oh jojo, i'm so glad to know you. you crack me up. i love your humor and your honesty.

    i think you should correct him again. see what happens. all in good fun, but fen is right;)

  5. Men can NEVER admit they are wrong, especially to a woman.

    But don't get me started on light pollution. I have two telescopes and a large pair of binoculars for watching the stars. You can sometimes even see one or two. The light pollution in London is terrible, and when they "improved" the lighting in my street I was livid. (Especially as I have since discovered that some streets got to keep their old-fashioned curlicued wrought iron lampposts while they insisted we had to have the "upgrade"). If I go into the back garden, the chances are that one of the houses my garden backs on to has its outdoor lights on.

    Rant over.

  6. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Of COURSE you're right ;0)

  7. Lizzzard9:07 PM

    What a waste of electricity it would be to keep them lit post- construction.
    I'm with Val- lower thelights and let us see the stars.
    It seems to me that the nose is clearly a dim bulb!

  8. Of course you're right Jojo. But I have to say...I like the lights.

  9. Of course you're right obviously pay a lot more attention to detail than that reporter does..maybe they should employ you instead :-)