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January 9, 2008

"Slow down, you're movin' too fast"

Well I met with the personal trainer last night at my gym. She is a really nice young lady and she showed me what I should be doing instead of what I used to do. It's amazing how many machines I had used that were of little to no benefit to me, and which only managed to exacerbate my low back and hip problems!!! My body mechanics were all wrong, and above all else, I was whipping through the machines waaaay too fast. When I told Brian that she said I was going too fast with the weights and I had to slow down and breathe, he said, sarcastically, "Shocking!" This from the man who has considered getting me a t-shirt with matching bumpersticker that says, "GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!" What can I say? I am from the east coast. We talk fast, we drive fast, we walk's a way of life.

Oh, and if you heard a loud noise last night that sounded like a "HA! YEAH RIGHT!" that was Brian's loud guffaw when I told him that the PT suggested I try yoga. I believe "ha yeah right" was also my response to that suggestion. I have zero flexibility. I just don't see myself trying to bend into a pretzel. The PT told me not to be afraid to join any of the classes, even as a beginner, b/c all I have to do is talk to the instructor beforehand and they don't push you into doing things you simply can't do. The PT assured me it would be great as a stress reliever too. I just can't see myself trying yoga....I really don't have the patience for it. I would, however, prefer to join a step class or something that moves quickly. I'm just afraid of looking like a total idiot b/c I don't know any of the routines and I fear that I will be going to the left when everyone else is going to the right, because I'm 43 and I still have to stop and think which way is left and which way is right. Sometimes I wonder if I'd do better if people said "Port" or "Starboard" instead. Even back in high school when I was driving my friends, whoever was in the car would say, "take a driver" or "take a passenger" if they were giving me directions. I even joined the high school colour guard in 11th grade, with the hope that the constant commands would help me with my left/right problem, but it really didn't. But I digress.....

Anyway, I'll boogie on back to the gym tomorrow night after work, and probably at least once over the weekend, and go from there.

So far I am still meeting my goals. I got the back room 95% cleaned/organized on Sunday....all I have left are the knick knacks to wash and stick to the shelves. Then I can start cleaning the den.

On a separate note, if you can, please visit Bryde's and Madi's blogs, which can be found on my blog roll. They are both going through some really tough times, and need all the encouragement and support they can get. Thanks!!


  1. Actually, she's right about the yoga teacher, they always tell you not to do stuff that causes you problems. The idea is gradual improvement in your flexibility. I used to do it, but I was very flexible then, so I was fine, but lots of people were not. You could see them improve as the year went on.

    Before I had my hip replacement , I could do more than touch my toes - I could actually put my hands flat on the floor beside my feet. Apparently people with that kind of joint flexibility are prone to arthritis. SInce the op I can't get much frther down than my knees!

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    My 'Body Mechanics' are crying 'Take me now VINCENT!' most of the time.

    Good luck with this new regime Jojo.

  3. Good luck with the new program Jojo...sounds like hard work!!

    I'm not particularly into exercise..although I do walk everywhere,so I guess that counts.To be fair,to work off what I eat I'd probably need to walk about 10 miles a day.....

  4. i've been told that i look like a baby rhino when i bike. not sure about that correlation, but, i just keep on bikin'. ya just gotta block out the bullshit and just do it.

  5. Wow, I'm proud of you. Stick with it! Maybe you'll inspire me.


    Oh, and don't worry about taking orders and left and right:
    I used to TEACH classes and be so nervous what the girls in my class are gonna think when I forget how many sequences of each side I do!!!!!

    That's why Yoga is cool. Actually, try works quicker to tone and slim you.

    Okay, this is your Blogger PT signing off.
    Class dismissed!

  7. Lizzard7:15 PM

    "Take a Liz, take a Joanne" Those were the days when I loved driving...somehowit's not so fun as it was when we were teens. Maybe because we have to do it now.

    Pilates are hard but you will get muscle. Yoga will give you strenght and flexiblitiy.

    Good luck!

  8. I love the gym, it's the one time of day I can be by myself (I just hop on the treadmill) plug in the headphones, listen to music, sweat, feel my heartbeat so I know I'm alive...You Go Girl!

    ps..My Brother swears by yoga. He's 6'5" 235 and he can twist himself into all kinds of shapes...It's kind of freaky!

  9. Happy New Year!!