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January 7, 2008

Headin' East

Well, I bit the bullet and made reservations for my trip to Crap Cod. I mean Cape Cod. The only airline that flies direct, Alaska Air, has added a red-eye to Boston, so that's what I booked. Anyone who has traveled from the west coast to the east coast knows that it absolutely sucks to have to fly during the day, because of the time difference. At least on a red-eye, you can sleep. And since I wasn't about to suffer with the plebes in coach, I am flying to Boston in first class. I got a good deal on the one-way, first class ticket - only $599. The flight leaves Seattle at 10:30 pm on 4/30 and arrives in Boston on 5/1 at 6:30 am. Then I can take an early bus from Logan Airport to the Cape and traffic won't be near as bad as it is when I fly to Boston during the afternoon and have to take the bus during rush hour.

I am, however, flying home coach, since it's an early evening flight from Boston, on Wed. 5/7, at 6:30 pm. I will get into Seattle at about 9:30 pm. Believe me, if I could have, I would have booked the 7:30 am flight to Seattle instead, but there's no way I could possibly get from the Cape to Boston by 5:30 am, so alas, I am stuck going home at night. Oh well. At least I was able to choose an aisle seat, in the front of the plane. Sure, I have to board last, but I get to deplane before the rest of the rows so it's a trade-off I willingly make.

What to do on the Cape though, that's the problem. I've beachcombed all the beaches a hundred times, and how many more photographs of Sandwich and the Canal can I possibly shoot??? I've already told my mom that I will not go to Hyannis under any circumstances, unless it's to go out to eat. Traffic in Hyannis is unbelievably bad, and I hate how it's grown too. At least the towns set up the "Historic District" along the Rte. 6A corridor, so the old parts of Cape towns haven't changed much. There are strict rules about what you can and can't do to your existing property, or if you want to build something new, even down to the colours you can or can't paint your buildings and/or fences.

I will go to the Edward Gorey House, on Rte. 6A in Yarmouthport; mom is interested in that as well. I wouldn't mind going to P-Town to hit the shops on Commercial Street. I'm sure mom will have a laundry list of chores and projects for me to do as well. I'd love to get that barn cleaned out once and for all. Other than that, I'm completely at a loss for things to do. And of course the obligatory trips to the cemetery, which I hate doing. My dad is in my heart and I'm just not comfortable going to that cold, wind-swept, silent cemetery, you know? But that's the difference in our generations, I guess.

My mom wishes I could stay longer than 6 days. Believe me, 6 days is long enough. There is absolutely NOTHING to do. I get really bored, really quickly. Am hoping that Sharon can take some time off so I can pal around with her. And I have a friend in Orleans, Sheila, who I have known since kindergarten and I'd like to swing up to see her as well.

One thing I always do that makes my travel a bit easier, is I ship most of my clothes to my mom a few days before I leave home. Then I ship my clothes, any anything I've bought, back to myself before I leave Sandwich. That way all I have to do is take a light carry-on bag on board and I don't have to worry about lost or late luggage.

I would like to go beachcombing somewhere though. I'm addicted to beachcombing. I dream about beachcombing, although the stuff I find in my dreams is way better than the stuff I actually find on the beach!! I usually end up gathering rocks that look beautiful in the water, but when they dry off, not so much. The Cape is great for large clam shells too. I used to find a lot of beach glass in the 1970's, but now that there is glass recycling, it's not often I find a good piece (unless I go to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California!).

A few years ago when I visited my mom, I went to the post office with my box to mail back to myself. The people at the E. Sandwich PO remember me from when I lived there, and used to trade copious quantities of Dead tapes. I got and sent more packages than anyone else. Additionally, the people that work there have also known my parents forever. So anyway, I get to the counter and say to Paula, "It's heavy!" She picks it up, groans and says, "My god Joanne, what are you mailing? Rocks?" I chuckled and said, "Well, as a matter of fact, yes, there are rocks in there." Paula says, "Why in the world are you mailing yourself rocks?" and I answered, "Because I went beachcombing!" She goes, "You don't have rocks in Washington??"

So, here's hoping that my trip goes well. I hate to fly so much, which is why I will only take direct flights to my destination. About 11 years ago I went back for my parents' 50th anniversary and they insisted I fly to Greene Airport in Providence because it was easier to get there than Logan in Boston. That meant I had to change flights in Baltimore both ways. I nearly missed my connection to San Francisco in Baltimore because of a problem in Providence. I vowed never again. If I can't go direct to a destination, I just won't go. Thankfully, in 2003, Alaska Air began to offer the only nonstop flight to Boston from Seattle. All I can say is thank god for Xanax.


  1. well, anything on the beach is heaven, in my book. beachcombing, just watching the waves, playing tag with the seagulls...i could do those things all day. already, i'm anticipating the pictures and the narrative that you'll have for us.

    and just keep telling yourself, "it's only 6 days, only 5days, only 4 days, only 3 days, onle 2 days, i go back to seattle tomorrow!!!!"
    so, what are the dates of this trip? (hint, hint)

  2. You remind me of my brother, he almost never comes home because there is Nothing for him to do back here! (Although, you would think hanging out with me would be thrilling enough)

    Very sweet that you'll get to fly first class on the way out :) And like Susan I'll be very excited to see your pictures.

  3. Dates are in the blog post!

    5/1-5/7. Believe me, the countdown to home starts the second I touch down in Boston. I get soooooo homesick for Brian, my doggies and the west coast when I'm back there. It's truly a miserable experience.

  4. well i'm excited for your trip! and maybe you'll be able to hang o/ w/ your old friends to pass some time away.

  5. Yeah, the trip wouldn't be so boring if there was anything to do, but there isn't. I've been to all the gift shops hundreds of times. I'm trying to think of things to do off-Cape, like day trips and so forth.

  6. dumb there a ferry boat that goes from the cape to boston?

    oh, and if you bring back shells, driftwood, seaglass, little rocks and sand, mail some of that to me and i'll make you one of my "shell things"

  7. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Have a safe journey and a restful stay hon!

  8. If they were British dates, yhou'd be staying for 6 months - 5/1-5/7 means 5th Jan to 5th July!

  9. Val - I know, I always have to stop and think about the actual dates when I see how you guys do the day first then the month.

  10. Hi Val and JoJo, finally got my blog going again, I had a bad flashback after a t.v. movie and decided to put it down in writing. JoJo, wish I could lend you my metal detector on your beachcombing, just for the slight change.

  11. Oh, Jojo, you make me soooo jealous with all your cool adventures and trips (I LOVE traveling, but never had the pleasure)

    I know I may be outta line with this, but could you please take some pics of the cemetary for me? Especially if its melancholy or atmospheric?

    Have a good time anyway, okay?
    I know how you feel about the "mom" thing, so I can relate.

  12. Axe - that's not a disresectful request at all; in fact, I've take lots of pictures of that cemetery before. The one you'd really like is the cemetery at Shawme Pond; graves there date back to the late 1600's. I'll shoot there too.

    Don - So glad you are back!

  13. i hope it's fun. i haven't ever been to the cape...only as far as augusta,
    maine-to see a certain rock and roll band!

  14. And thank god for dramamine too. I make a yearly duty trek to the east coast too.

  15. Lizzzard7:11 PM

    How about a trip to the islands for a day? Sconset is awfully
    sweet in the spring?

    My folks like the park on the other side of the canal- lots of walking to do there.

  16. Liz - I thought about the Islands, esp. MV, but the weather that time of year is so hit or miss....the last time we attempted trips during my visit, to NYC and Maine, it poured rain the entire time.