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October 9, 2007

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!

Oh it's a good day to be a Boston Red Sox fan!! We watched in delight last night as the Cleveland Indians beat the NY Skankees to advance to the ALCS game against the BoSox. I can only imagine how loud and rowdy bars all over New England were last night. It's always good to see the Skanks lose.

I saw a tshirt in Maine that I wanted but it only came in kids' sizes. It said, "I love 2 teams, the Boston Red Sox and Anyone Who Beats the Yankees." The Boston/NY rivalry goes back literally decades, when the Sox stupidly traded Babe Ruth to NY in 1918. Of course the curse was broken in 2004 when the Sox finally won the World Series. Fingers crossed that they can do it again!

Cleveland celebrates last night at Skankee Stadium.
Gonna cry now Alex? Go ahead, cry. Cry like the little bitch that you are. Cry baby cry.

Looks like Joe Torre will be unemployed soon.
A-rod sucks.....
...Jeter swallows.

On the left we have that traitor, Johnny Damon, who left the Sox to play for NY. Bastard. Several Sox in the past went to play for NY and I spit on them. Wade Boggs. Roger Clemmons. Johnny Damon. It's akin to a 49er going to play for Oakland (i.e., Jerry Rice). Have some loyalty, you know? So it's nice to see Damon go down in flames.


Photos courtesy of the NY Post.


  1. Kristy2:09 PM

    You have hit on the one topic that I know absolutely nothing about. When it comes to sports, I believe football is the one with the funny-shaped ball. Other than than, it all runs together for me. But I'm glad you're happy. I'll just sit here and be quietly happy for you without knowing why...

  2. Kristy - thanks! As a New Englander, and Cape Codder at that, we live and die by the Red Sox.

  3. Hey knock it off with the Jerry Rice dis. The 49ers released him furcryin' outloud!
    I used to love baseball, but it is just a business now with very few loyalties.

  4. *lol* i love that post. but i never quite get "until death or longer" team rivalries to be honest...
    but the reason for that might be that i don't really have fav teams anyway, but more fav athletes (singular, i mean). guess that's just a different perspective.

    and i personally have nothing against the yankees. in fact, i think i even like them. *runs far away and hides*

    *from behind the bushes* but i think i can understand you, because i think the yankees in america equal a bit the bavaria munich football club in germany. they mostly win, have the most expensive players and everybody just loves to hate them and roots when they loose... :D

  5. Johnny Damon was So cute when he played for Boston! Now, well, look what playing for the Yankees has done to him.

    I saw A-rod when he played for Seattle, of course Randy Johnson was there too...Why do they always end up in New York?

  6. Jojo, once again, I'm mute on the subject. But I do love watching you gloat!!!

  7. Tamara - LMAO!!! I'll let you slide because you aren't from the USA. But we New Englanders are passionate about our Red Sox!!!

    Axe - I have to be careful w/ my gloating when it comes to the Sox. I don't want to jinx them!

  8. wow joj-tell us how you really feel about the yankees!!

    glad your team is doing well, i'll admit to know ing next to nothing about baseball, escept that jeff s. went to the lower league cubs...

  9. JoJo, I heard Vincent was a Yankees fan. SUre you won't change your allegiance?

  10. Val - Oh man, that could be a deal-breaker. You guys have NO idea what the Sox/Yankees rivalry is like.

    Professor - Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog! I will check out those links!

  11. Anonymous6:19 PM

    LOL that's hilarious.

    i don't have an opinion on either the yankees or the red sox. i'm suppose to be a royals fan but they suck and i don't really like baseball....


  12. oh happy day...the mighty yanks are gone for another season and my beloved red sox still roll on! everyone, notice my name? that's FENWAY as in FENWAY PARK, the home of the red sox!!!!!
    but, vincent, a yankee fan???? i might just have to try and change his mind. any suggestions as to how i might accomplish that?
    (jojo, don't hate me...the very first baseball game that i ever went to was at yankee stadium when i was 5...and i got to see that great baseball god...MM NY7)

  13. Lizzzard10:07 PM

    I saw your shirt in adult sizes somewhere- what size do you want? Or I could get you a bumper sticker that says that....Let me know- i'll go looking for ya.

  14. although i am not exactly into ball-handling in general, i am glad to know that your baseball wish came true!

    as a kid, i listened to giants baseball games on the radio, but haven't been into it to speak of in quite some time.

  15. Deal-breaker in what way, JoJo? You would have to give up Vincent? Or you'd have to give up the Redsox?

    Be careful now, or we may have to evict you from the league of true Vixens.

  16. Val - I think I am going to invoke my 5th Amendment rights at this juncture, on the basis of self incrimination.