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October 11, 2007


When I got home from Shipwreck Beads last Saturday, Brian said to me, "As Extra-Special Producer, I need for you to compile a bio for a guest who will be on my show." Since he usually likes to do his own research I was surprised, but I said, "Sure. Who is the guest?" With a twinkle in his eye and a shit-eating grin, he said, "Bill Mumy." I yelled, "BILL MUMY? THE BILL MUMY?" Brian laughed and said, "Yes." Meanwhile I was jumping up and down and yelling, "OHMYGODOHMYGOD I AM SO CALLING IN!!"

I am not entirely sure how Brian did this, but out of the blue Friday night, he ended up on Bill Mumy's home page. He listened to some of Bill's music and decided to email and ask if Bill would like to be on his radio show sometime. Bill emailed back that his publicist would be in touch.

Bill will be on Shakedown Street on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 4:00 p.m. I will do another blog post that week to promo the show again. Brian will of course touch on Bill's extensive acting career, but the show is going to revolve around Bill's music.
By the way, I have been warned by Brian not to get all gushy and over-the-top on the phone when I call in (which I won't), and not to ask questions about Lost in Space, (which I wasn't).


  1. But wait, I loved Lost in Space as a kid, why can't you ask him about it? Maybe he's sick of talking about old stuff...

  2. danger, danger, will robinson!!! how can you NOT ask at least one question about the experience of talking with a robot!!!

  3. Well Bill's publicist made the arrangements and asked that Brian not spend too much time "in the past". He's promoting his new album and so his music is going to be the focus of the show, with just a cursory mention of LIS in his bio.

    The 2 questions I want to ask him aren't about his roles on TV & the movies at all.

  4. that is really cool.
    loved him on the show that shall not be named!
    it'll be interesting to fun for you two.

  5. Okay, I don't have a clue, but GOOD FOR YOU, JOJO!
    It sounds real cool that you get to talk to someone you obviously admire so much!

  6. Hey Jojo, ask Brian if he could interview my Blue....
    (That's my nickname for Mr Isaak)

  7. Axe: Sure I'll interview him, just give me his contact info.

    And hey I need an international producer anyway!

  8. that's what i was wondering, how can you NOT ask about lost in space?! one of our stations shows it and my kids LOVE it!

    that is so cool, although iwouldn't have known who you were talking about if you hadn't posted that old pic. who knew he was a musician? what kind of music does he do?

  9. Ah, so he was the little kid! I'd been wondering.

    I loved it, too, but can't remember any of the actors' names.

  10. LIS was one of my first fave shows when I was really little, in the late 60's. My first actor crush was on Mark Goddard, who played fiery "Don West". My cousins and I used to play "LIS" too.

    Bill plays rock and he's an amazing musician & singer. If any of you remember Barnes & Barnes, he was in that band. He's also a good friend of Weird Al. He's composed music for kids' shows and other TV shows, and he does a lot of commercial voice overs. So all of you are exposed to Bill's many talents all the time, but you just didn't know it.

  11. I used to love 'Lost in space' although Dr Smith always annoyed the hell out of me, even when I was a kid!

  12. The funny thing is, in real life, Dr. Smith was a really sweet & funny man and the cast adored him. Mark Goddard has said how it was hard for him to be mean to Dr. Smith b/c they were close off camera.

  13. Kristy5:22 AM

    How can you possible NOT question about Lost in Space? That's silly. What sort of music his he up to these days?

  14. That is SO cool. God, I loved 'Lost In Space'!

  15. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I always found Dr.Smith creepy and annoying. Wasn't it family guy who had an 8 second scathing skit about LIS and what crappy parents Jon & Maureen Robinson were?

    Btw, you dog is named SAGAN? After Carl?