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June 4, 2007

Thar She Blows

Me mum thinks she's so funny, sending me this cartoon, changing the name and changing "he" to "she"....then adding "hee hee har har" to the top.

Unfortunately, anyone who has had the "pleasure" of hearing me blow my nose will totally understand, and laugh heartily at, this cartoon. It's so loud that sometimes when my boss gives me a dictation tape to transcribe, I can hear myself in the background of the tape, honking away. And of course because we transcribe on a slower speed, I get to hear myself in a long, drawn out, "WHAAAAAAANK". Now I make it a point to get as far away from him as possible when he's dictating, then blow my nose. People can hear it through the telephone and will ask Steve, or Brian, "what was that?" Or I'll blow my nose and Brian will call out, right on cue, "Barge Comin' Thru!"

S'okay, I never claimed to be dainty or ladylike.

When I was a kid, and even throughout college, I would never blow my nose. I'd sniff. Incessantly. My parents, grandmother, cousins and friends would BEG me to blow my nose and quit sniffing. I wouldn't blow my nose b/c I was grossed out at the thought of all that snot on my upper lip. Finally, I caved into Brian's begging me to please blow my nose. Everyone is very, very sorry that I started now. hahahaha "Be careful what you wish for"!


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM


    oh, i love you. you are so damn funny. hysterical. i used to sniff too and it drove my fam crazy. "go get a kleenex," they'd say.

    the comic was funny. i'm glad your Mom sent it to you to inspire you to write this great piece.

  2. jojo, you are such a goofball! :)

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM

    The sniffing drove me absolutely batshit. FINALLY I convinced her it wasn't in her best interest to sniff back into her nose what her body was tring to expell.

    Yes the nose blowing is LOUD! but she doesn't do it alot ans she is much healthier.
    She grew up in a smoking family and I quit in 1992, which was when she rally started to improve.

    Besides, I'd rather live with Jo Jo and honking then silence and no Jo.

  4. i think we have the same mother...that's something that my mom would do. know what she did to me??? i took her to see barry manilow (it was a long time ago) and during one of his quiet ballads, leaned over, patted me on the knee, then said is a VERY loud whisper, that everyone could hear "now, susan, if you wanted to bring a man home like that, we wouldn't mind" AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  5. hahahaha!! i'm crackin' up jojo! that's too funny!!

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Don't worry about it, I had a friend at work once who sounded like the QE2 docking every time she blew her nose. Never has such an ENORMOUS sound come out of one so tiny ;0)

  7. Ah, Brian, that's sweet.

    JoJo, my best friend at school had alarming hayfever, and her nose blows made us all fear she was going to blow her brains out of her nose. Are you sure you're not her long-lost sister?

  8. I had a girlfriend once that reminded me of that phrase every time she got near the Great White Whale...

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    My dad sent it to Kathleen! And said that it would be a great job for her and theat her mom loves lighthouses and would visit too!

  10. Too funny!! I swear everytime my Uncle sneezed...Dogs started barking..