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June 15, 2007

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

"Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind, Do This Don't Do That, can't you read the signs..." Five Man Electrical Band

Hey, I was surfing around my usual blogs and found a fun sign-maker site on Weir Freaks. So I made a few for your amusement. Sorry Madi, I couldn't get it to spell out "drummer" b/c the line wasn't long enough!!

Brian and I have always referred to Bob's Big Boy restaurants by the name I put on the sign. Don't ask me why, all I remember is Brian saying it in the restaurant and me shooting pop out of my nose as I burst out laughing.
Had to put one in here for Brian since I have myself starring in a movie with Vincent.

Because he deserves one!!! That disgusting skank Britney Spears has one but Vincent doesn't??? How unfair is that?

That's the link. Have fun!!!

Thanks again to Irenie at Weir Freaks for posting this link.


  1. Oh My God!! Fabulous post JoJo...I Love It :)

  2. wow, these are fabulous! i love those kind of stuff it really challenges your creativity and the results are always worth a good laugh. :) thanks for posting the link!

  3. Going right over there to try it out, how fun!!

  4. you are cracking me up!!

  5. Anonymous8:59 PM


    that is the effing coolest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for doing it Jo.

  6. Anonymous8:04 AM


    Laughed out loud at "Julie and Vincent inspect her gadget!"

    They were all hilarious.

  7. i'm waiting in line to see "inspect her gadget"

    what a riot...i didn't expect your depravity!!!

    we are all such sick puppies

    this'll be good for a laugh all weekend

  8. Inspired Jojo and totally brilliant!
    Like Valentino's parents, I'm still waiting for the DVD of 'Sinderella', so in the meantime, I can make up some stuff 'starring' me'n'him ;0)

  9. That's hilarious!!!

    I don't get one? :(

  10. Terrific! You naughty, naughty girl!

  11. OMG! This post is so damn funny. The Bob's Big Boy sign really cracked me up. Can't wait to try this out!

  12. Thank you thank you thank you sooooo much!!!
    Sorry to be late on this, but I love it Jo!!!

  13. More img generators @ (make buttons, banners, sigs, avatars, comics, logos, gag signs, e-cards, etc).