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June 16, 2007


Here' s our big 80 lb. love puppy, Sagan, in some recent photos. Here he is, snacking, one of his many favourite things to do. He will eat anything. One of his many nicknames is "Snacky". I wish this was more in focus but I had to snap quickly before he moved. What a handsome, happy boy!! Sagan sez, "Chicks dig me."
I absolutely cannot resist those eyes and that sweet face. He's so affectionate and he can't get enough pets and snuggles.

We just put this loveseat upstairs in the livingroom in May. It was originally in our vacation place on the Olympic Peninsula, but we sold the land last year and the loveseat's been in the garage since last summer so we finally decided to put it upstairs. We no sooner had it in place when Sagan leapt onto it and claimed it as his couch.


  1. it's really nice of you and brian to furnish your house for sagan.

    he looks like a that a carrott?

  2. He says...
    "Of course it was for me,after all,it IS just my size!"

    Any hopes of actually owning anything are given up once you bring canine or feline companions into your house;)!Nothing is ever fur free ot yours to sit on ever again....

    IS that a carrot?

  3. your doggy looks just like my doggy...chaos...i guess he's not my doggy anymore. we had to give him away :( beautiful german shepard.

  4. he is gorgeous! gosh, i can't wait to get a dog myself. i mean a real dog like yours, not one of those accesoires you can put in you purse... ;)

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  6. sorry, that deletion was me. my connection is acting kinda awkward.

  7. hey,I can fit MY dog in my purse (if I carried one) and they are tweenie dachshunds!I have a big dog too,but guess who is the head of my canine pack?That little purse-sized dog;)!

    I don't miss the shedding of GSD's and my time with big dogs was time I enjoyed BUT I am now a doxie freak!

  8. He is just gorgeous! Give him a hug from me.

  9. Anonymous10:34 AM


    He's such a relaxer and at 80 lbs can go wherever he wants.

  10. Nope, not a carrot, it's a big cookie twist I bought at The Dog House, a DIY grooming place in Bonney Lake.

  11. Anonymous1:45 PM

    He was 9 months old when we got him. He had been locked in a car to starve to death. The Vet said another day or 2 and tha would have been it.

    We could see his hips, entire spine and ribs, even the growth plates in his legs.

    It took a long time of slowly feeding him and training him to produce the giant fuzzy love puppy we have now.

  12. Locked in a car to starve to death?! Please tell me that the owners were locked in a car and DID starve to death...

    He's Beautiful, Happy and Healthy! Big Hugs :)

  13. Tess - the owner was deployed to Iraq and left him & a 3mo. old German shep. with a friend, and the friend abandoned them. We know that Sagan was born in Texas, but have been unable to locate the breeder down there.

  14. Anonymous5:09 PM


    Well you KNOW I love him. :o)

    He looks like he's thinking, "I may not be up to no-good right now, but I'm sure thinking about it!"

    He's gorgeous!

  15. ah, jojo

    my mom showed me sagan's pictures...does he have a girlfriend? i think he's really cute.


  16. gosh he is a beautiful dog, i just luv the one of him sprawlled (sp) on that love seat;)

  17. Aw, how cute is your darling furchild?? *makes kissy noises*

  18. He's so beautiful!
    I love his eyes :-)

    PS: Thanks again for the drumkit sign :-)