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June 8, 2007


"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" stars get no raises•
Show moving to first run on USA Network•
Three principals have until 5 p.m. to accept

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" producers' intent to bring back the cast of the series with no raises next season is not sitting well with the show's stars, sources said.

It is understood that Wolf Films and NBC Universal TV Studio have set a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday for stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Chris Noth and Kathryn Erbe to accept the offer.
Series cast members normally receive a 5 percent salary bump every year, with higher figures sometimes on offer for stars on established shows. Studios have been pushing to tie such standard raises to the show's license fee increase, which generally is lower than 5 percent.
In the case of "CI," producers face the economic realities of producing a high-production-value drama with marquee stars on a cable budget. The series has been moved from NBC -- where it aired for six seasons -- to USA Network, with a second window on NBC. (The repeats on NBC should alleviate some of the financial strain.)

Representatives for Wolf Films and NBC Universal TV declined comment on any actor negotiations.


  1. Grrrrrr...Boo Hiss. I had to post something about this as well.

    Dick Wolf is SUCH an Asshole. (Excuse my french, but if the name fits!) Bet they didn't ask the actors on The Mothership to go without a raise.

  2. Hey Tess, I agree w/ you 100%. It seems as though Dick Wolf wants to sink this show in any manner possible!!! Esp. since he must realize no one will watch it if Vincent's not in it.

  3. ok, it's 615p edt...any word yet? i tend to agree with you jojo...for whatever the reason, it just seems that the powers that be want to see ci go away...the idiots!!!

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM


    ditto considering Hargitay and Meloni both are getting 6 million each for two more years on SVU.

  5. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I was SO worried Vincent might say 'shove it' (or some equally succinct expression!)
    Despite the fact they have agreed to no pay rise, it still sucks that they were put this position.
    It's quite a shock to discover Dick Wolf is a master of dirty tricks! No wonder Vincent has always despised the 'business' side of the profession he's in.

    they're coming back, they're coming back...
    (doesn't that sound like i should be at the old north church in boston????)

  7. i still can't believe they are not paying them anymore. no integrity whatsoever....

  8. Well at least they are all coming back next year....I'm pleased that their desire to return for a 7th season means more to them than the money.

    Wonder who they will hire for Logan's new partner?

  9. brilliant news... more Bobby Bobby

  10. how terrible. id be a little pissy if i was denied my raise. but, update- they agreed. yay!

  11. Bummer. I guess they won't be able to buy that fifth house this year.

  12. ...what Mark said... LOL! >:D