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March 9, 2007

Looking back in time

Practicing for college. ca. summer of 1965, at my parents' house. It's all about the beads and the bling, baby. ca. 1966, taken at my parents' beachhouse at Springhill Beach. My mom says that I was in mid-scream when she shot cousin Skee used to tease me to tears, and I think cousin Jeannie (his wife) gave me her jewelry box to play with to quiet me down.


....and Indians. OK so it's not very politically correct, but what can I say, it was 1968 or so. The above picture was taken with the field at my parents' house behind me, when it was still a field. By the time my parents sold that lot in 1999, it was completely overgrown with trees and bushes. I played there all the time. Oh, and my mom's kitchen looks exactly like what you see in this photo, over 40 years later. Same melon-coloured counter, same kitchen table & chairs, same stove.

"Queen of the Entire Planet"!! Fall, 1969. My Aunt Stella lived in London and brought me the crown when she visited us. Dig that short hemline. No wonder I have so many pictures with my slip or underwear showing.

For the love of god please get me outta this frilly dress!!! Dontcha love Nana's bouffant hairdo & silver shoes, and my mom's quintessentially 1970's orange outfit? Taken in Yonkers, NY outside Nana's apartment building.

Always the tomboy. I got this football uniform for my 4th birthday in 1968. We spent my birthday in Yonkers because my grandfather had just passed away. This is Nana's apartment. The red "Mary Jane" shoes were my mother's idea.

Finding treasure at Springhill Beach. I still love to beachcomb....I even dream about beachcombing! ca. 1969. It was a badge of honour to be able to walk barefoot on all those rocks; you could always tell the tourists; they were the ones wearing old sneakers or flip flops in the water while the local children ran barefoot across the rocks.

My 10th birthday in 1974. My parents got me those red, white and blue beads for my doorway. They are currently hanging in our den doorway downstairs. I loved this outfit too. Brian, the perv, thinks I look "really hot" in this photo.


  1. aww look at you! im lovin the bling bling pic ;)

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM


    you are so cute..."mid-scream" -very funny. i enjoyed your commentaries that accompanied all the photos. Great fun to read and see.

  3. i love this stuff jojo!

    and i luv that your hubby thinks your hot in that one pic. mine has my senior picture that he carries around. i'm like "yah, if only i still looked like that!"

  4. Look at the lovely blond curls! You really tell it well, girl.

  5. kathleen5:52 PM

    Mom wants to know why you don't have the "really cute picture from third grade with the braids..."

    *rolls eyes*

    And she's jealous of the red Mary Janes...

  6. He is a perv. No wait, on second thought...

    I don't believe I said that...