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March 11, 2007

For Liz & Kathleen

Kathleen - you said your mom wanted to know where this picture was, so here it is! Mrs. Alvezi's 3rd grade class 1972-1973. I'm in the white shirt in the front row with the braids, and your mom is standing behind me in the purple pant suit w/ the white ruffle blouse. That's how long your mom and I have been friends!! Incidentally, I'm still wearing braids, even as I write this post. Here's some trivia about some of the kids in my class:

The two girls sitting next to me on the right, are both named Terry (one's cut off on the edge) & both got pregnant and left school in the 10th grade, and the blonde girl sitting next to me on the left was pregnant when we graduated.

I had a wicked crush on the boy in the back row wearing the green shirt. His name was Jimmy Wood, he took my bus and lived down the road from me.

Nearly all the kids in this picture started kindergarten with me and graduated with me too.


  1. awww that's absolutely adorable jojo!

  2. So good you posted it twice, eh? (I've lost count of how many times I've done that, it's a good job I always check!)

    Do you know where your first crush is now?

  3. Anonymous10:43 AM


    cute...i love your pants.

  4. Lizzzard10:50 AM

    Thanks Jojo, it made my day! Aren't you glad fashions have changed? I am!! Now I know why I don't like ruffles or purple! I can't wait for Kathleen to see this- it's proof I once had straight hair!

  5. Val - no idea what happened to him. He wasn't my first crush though; in Kindergarten me and some of my friends chased Alan Baker around, cornered him, tied him up w/ our jumpropes and tried to kiss him. But our teacher intervened.

  6. Thanks for checking in on my new blog JoJo, they have caught the "jerk" in Toronto and I'll bet he had his passport with him. Will keep you informed. Don W