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January 11, 2007

Snow Day, Part Deux

The wild Washington winter weather continues as the entire region is shut down once again due to snow and ice. This is a picture of Interstate 90 in the Issaquah area (east of Seattle) of the abandoned vehicles left over from last night's commute. (WSDOT live camera)
I shot this picture with the aperture open to get the streaking snow effect. Taken at about 10:30 last night. It was coming down really hard!
The tree closest to our front porch is going to need to be tied to the house to keep it from getting bent every time we have heavy snow. Brian rescued that tree when it was tiny, following a huge wind storm we'd had in California. He found it outside his work in the parking lot. It was about 10" tall, so he wrapped the roots in paper towels and we potted it when he got home. It was one of only 2 trees we smuggled into Washington from California when we moved, and it's really thrived!
The rhododendron and dogwood tree in the front yard. Everything looks like it's been topped with sugar.
Looking east, from our back deck.
The final irony of today's storm is that Brian leaves today for a 3 day trip to Anchorage, Alaska, because he misses snow, cold and real winters!! He's wanted so much to see Anchorage in the middle of the winter. His flight's at 3:30 so hopefully by then the highways will be clear enough so we can get him to the airport.


  1. No, JoJo, the final irony would be if he got to Anchorage and there was NO SNOW!

    Thanks for reminding me of what snow looks like.

  2. You're right! That would be funny, if it was unseasonably high in Alaska!

  3. The UK is being blasted by gale force winds and heavy rain (but it's probably the 'wrong sort' of rain, so no doubt we'll have a hosepipe ban come the summer) but at least yours looks beautiful!

  4. hope your hubby has a good trip! i'm still waiting for a normal michigan winter here. it's in the 40's today!!

  5. Wow! Look at all that snow! I hope you guys are semi staying warm!

  6. Gee whiz it might even snow a little in Sacramento. That would be shocking. It is much colder here than usual. I had to cover some plants. Alaska's beautiful- hope hubby has a nice trip!

  7. kathleen6:34 PM

    I hate snow.

    We actually have some now, and it's driving me nutty.

    But it's supposed to warm back up tomorrow.

  8. amazing photo of the snow streaking down, JoJo. I am impressed.

  9. Nice pix JoJo I like the snow streaking down. You are good with that camera, I will have to give that a try sometime.