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January 11, 2007

Snow Angels

Silly little Sagan loves to play in the snow! He was rolling in it and eating it too.
The sun finally came out and of course the snow melted, but now that it's night time, the temp has dropped and everything's a sheet of ice.
As for Brian, when we last left our hero, he was on his way to SeaTac Airport for a trip to Anchorage. His flight was to depart at 3:30 pm & arrive at 6:13 pm. Well, I get a call around 3:15 and he tells me that the flight's delayed because they have to fix the pilot's seat, and they haven't even boarded. He said the gate was crowded and the flight was oversold. So much for our certainty that the flight would be empty, because other than Brian, who the hell goes to Alaska in the middle of January? I told him if they offer the free tickets as incentive to give up your seat, take them and come home. So he called a bit later and said he has a credit for a future trip and was on his way home. Now I have my fingers and toes crossed that he gets here OK, at rush hour too, no less.

Oh, and at last check, his 3:30 flight is now estimated to depart at 5:17 pm and arrive at 7:55 pm.


  1. aww it's so cute to watch them play in the snow! i grew up with a dog that 1/2 husky & 1/2 border colley. when he was a pup the snow was taller than he was and it was so funny to watch him hop from place to place. you'd see him in mid-hop, then you'd see a hole in the snow:)

  2. aww is that a german shepard? i use to have a german shepard and he loved to play in the snow. dogs are so cute!

  3. OK, so not actually getting on a plane is the final irony.

    Sagan is so sweet in the snow, and Pepper so careful.

    Cats are quite different in the snow - they walk out so carefully, lifting their feet up really high, then come back in the same footsteps they made on the way out!

  4. Safe trip to hubby - snow is lovely when you can look at it and go 'Aaah' but don't need to travel in it!

  5. I love your doggy pics- they are soooo cute!