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December 6, 2006

6 idiosyncracies

Tagged by Ann.......I have so many idosyncracies it's hard to pick just 6 (as my husband nods feverishly in agreement). Let's see:

1. All the light switches have to be in the correct position. For example, we have a hallway light that is controlled by 3 different switches: upstairs, on the landing and downstairs. It drives me nuts if the light is on, but the upstairs switch is in the down position, or if the light is off and the upstairs switch is in the on position. Same goes with the light switches for the outside lights.

2. I can't wear bracelets or watches that fit loosely on my wrist. They have to fit snug and/or be made with elastic so that they don't slide around.

3. I have to have all the dishes done before I go to bed. My poor husband is so sick of my saying "bus your crap" when he's going upstairs at the end of the night.

4. I have to have my cereal dish/cereal stuff laid out the night before, my clothes for the next day laid out the night before and my lunch packed and ready to take, and I must make my bed in the morning before leaving for work or weekend errands. When I was a kid, I couldn't shut the light off in my bedroom without making sure that EVERYTHING was tidy and in it's place. If I saw so much as a pen out of the pen holder, or a school book not lined up with on the stack of other books, I'd get up and fix the situation.

5. I hate having my feet & back of my hands touched (except for holding hands). The thought of having an IV in the back of my hand makes me shudder. I hate wearing shoes (and unlike most women, I don't even own any shoes other than sneakers and one beat up pair of shoes), and usually go around in my stocking feet. I don't even like to wear slippers.

6. I have to have something to look at while I eat. In the morning when I eat breakfast, I usually look at a road atlas of the USA, Washington State or Canada. At lunch, I usually read one of the magazines we have in the office, and at dinner, catalogs. Which, incidentally, I have a tendency to read back to front.


  1. Oh my goodness.... here's my response to your answers.

    No 1) never thought about light switches

    No 2) I wear them either way

    No 3) I was like that when I was married... now I am totally undisciplined

    No 4) Hello Dr Dwyer

    No 5) I love having my hands and feet rubbed and massaged. I own one pair of Nike trainers that I hardly wear. I can't even tell you how many shoes, boots and sandals I own... even I surprise myself when I open the boxes.

    No 6) If I eat with the children they demand my undivided attention. At work I lunch and write. At home I eat on the run.

    thanks for playing

    lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

  2. personally most of your answers seem perfectly reasonable :)

    I've eased up on the clearing up thing,because I have 4 teenage kids and it's not worth the stress.

    Shoes?? I think I have one pair left that I bought to wear to a wedding,but thats it.I live in trainers.

    I can't bear anything round my wrists unless I absolutely have to.

    And I can't eat without a book,it's as simple as that.

    Eliza xxxxx